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Ron Carlivati’s Father To Appear On DAYS

Ron Carlivati, Sr., father of DAYS’s Head Writer Ron Carlivati, will appear as an extra on the October 18 episode of the NBC soap. “My dad is a superfan,” reports the scribe. “It’s funny because I’ve been in soaps for over 20 years and my dad would watch to see my name on the credits but rarely get into the show. Somehow, I don’t know what clicked in for him, he’s obsessed with DAYS OF OUR LIVES. He does not miss it.” On a trip to Los Angeles in March, Carlivati adds, “We were at the studio and Albert Alarr, our co-executive producer, comes up and meets my parents and turns to my dad and says, ‘We’re gonna be shooting some scenes in the hospital next. How would you like to be in them?’ I honestly had no idea this was coming. I also fainted. I think this was something [Executive Producer] Ken Corday cooked up with Albert. I had no idea it was coming. My dad didn’t hesitate. He was like, ‘Where do I sign?’ And the next thing I knew, they’re whisking my father off, he’s filling out paperwork, they’re photocopying his driver’s license, putting him in a doctor’s coat, and my mother and I are just standing there watching it happen. He’s an extra, he doesn’t have lines, but you’ll prominently see him.” Carlivati, Sr. reports, “It was so quick. I didn’t have any time to be nervous. If they had told me the day before, I probably would be thinking for 24 hours, ‘Where I’m gonna stand? What am I gonna do?’ I didn’t even have time to react. To this day, I still think I’m dreaming all of this and this isn’t really happening.” Though Carlivati, Sr. watches the show live every day,  “The totally amazing part besides all of this, is this week I had my high school reunion luncheon and tomorrow is my college reunion, and it’s at the same time that the show is on,” he shares. “Technology and I don’t get along, but my daughter’s got it all taped, so when we come home, we’ll be seeing it.” For the full report of the Carlivatis’ trip to Salem, see an upcoming issue of Soap Opera Digest.