Robert Scott Wilson Weighs In On His Personal Preferences

Netflix Or Amazon Prime? “Netflix. Their original content recently has been incredible.”

Romantic Comedy Or Action Flick? “I’ve always been drawn to a good action flick.”

Jimmy Kimmel Or Jimmy Fallon? “I love both the Jimmys but I’m going to go Fallon.”

Hip-hop Or Rock And Roll? “Now, it’s been a lot of rock and roll for me, but East Coast hip-hop was a huge part of my life.”

Baseball Or Basketball? “Basketball.”

Instagram Or Twitter? “Instagram. I like the idea of sharing your mood through images rather than words.”

Wine Or Beer? “Beer.”

Book Or Magazine? “Book.”

Save Or Splurge? “I’m an actor and I’ve learned saving has been paying off, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with quarterly splurges.”

Pool Or Ocean? “Ocean. I like a pool, but sometimes I need to get into the ocean and cleanse.”

Crossword Puzzle Or Board Game? “Board game. You can play with your friends.”

Plan Ahead Or Be Spontaneous? “I’m awful at planning ahead. I’m, unfortunately, too spontaneous.”


Early Bird Or Night Owl? “I’m an early bird.”

Cat Or Dog? “I’m a big dog guy.”

New Or Vintage? “Vintage. I’m addicted to vintage T-shirts.”

Homemade Or Store-bought? “Homemade, all the time.”

Cook Or Order In? “I love cooking but recently, I’ve been ordering in at an all-time high.”

Salty Or Sweet? “I’ve got a sweet tooth.”

Mild Or Spicy? “Spicy.”

Music Or Podcast? “I need to listen to more podcasts, but music is everything to me. I listen to it all day long.”

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