Remembering Taylor’s Comings And Goings From B&B

1990-94: Taylor counseled Ridge after his wife Caroline died. They fell in love and married in 1992. Taylor was presumed dead in a plane crash in April 1994, but, viewers would learn, she actually had amnesia and was held captive in Morocco by Prince Omar.

1994-96: By November, Taylor’s memory had returned and upon learning that Ridge had married Brooke, agreed to marry Omar in 1994. The following year, Taylor returned to L.A. and in time, she revealed herself to be alive. However, Ridge remained with Brooke. A distraught Taylor left town in May of ’96.

1996-2002: In October, Taylor returned and eventually reunited with Ridge, giving birth to Thomas in 1998 and twins Phoebe and Steffy the following year. But in 2002, Sheila escaped from jail and fatally shot Taylor, who “died” in October.

2005-13: In April, Taylor reappeared, alive and well, after having been kidnapped and nursed back to health by Omar. After failed relationships with Ridge (again), Nick and Whip, Taylor dated Eric in 2013 and moved in with him, but exposing Brooke and Bill’s affair cost Taylor her relationship. In July, she moved to Paris.

2014: In February, Taylor briefly came home from Paris to see patients. In April, she and Thorne flew to L.A. to inform his daughter, Aly, that they were an item. Then, that November, Taylor popped back in to check on Aly.

2018-19: Taylor resurfaced in April 2018 and admitted that she had shot Bill for taking advantage of Steffy. In March of the following year, she took a job overseas after Brooke confronted her for smooching Ridge.