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Remembering Laura’s Comings And Goings From GH

1977-1982: After marrying Scott in 1979, then divorcing him to become Mrs. Luke Spencer in 1981, Laura took on a modeling job as Ms. Star Eyes, which required her to travel. In January 1982, she got back from a trip and promptly vanished off the pier and was presumed dead. Turns out, she was alive, but was held captive on Cassadine Island, where she was forced to marry Stavros.

1983: In November, Laura popped back up in Port Charles and reunited with Luke at the mayor’s mansion (he’d just been inaugurated). About a month later, the duo left town together. (They were seen again in 1984, but not in Port Charles.)

1993-2002: Laura, Luke and their adolescent son were enjoying a relatively quiet life in Canada when the Spencers’ old enemy, mafioso Frank Smith, caught up to them, so the family decided to replant their roots in P.C. In 1994, Laura and Luke welcomed a daughter, Lulu, and two years later, she was reunited with Nikolas, her son via Stavros, who had forced her into marriage. Luke and Laura split in 2001, and the following year, Laura suffered a psychological break after a heated confrontation with her adoptive father, Rick. Her family made the difficult decision to send her to a clinic in London, where she slipped into a catatonic state.

2008: Laura was relocated to Shadybrook, and with the help of an experimental drug, her catatonia was temporarily reversed in 2006. She once again became lucid two years later, ultimately deciding in November of 2008 to head to France for further treatment.

2013: In February, Laura arrived back in P.C. with big news: She was engaged to Scott. After helping to rescue Lulu from the Cassadines’ clutches, Laura and Scott wed, but they soon split over Laura’s continuing pull to Luke, and she returned to Paris.

2015-18: In June, there were gasps aplenty when Laura crashed Luke and Tracy’s engagement party. She and Luke wound up on an international adventure to rescue a kidnapped Lucky. Laura found love with Kevin and married him in December 2017. The following month, she dropped her bid to become mayor and headed to France, where her grandson, Spencer, was enrolled in boarding school and had broken both of his legs. She returned in October, and in 2019, was elected mayor of Port Charles.