Remembering Donna’s Comings And Goings From B&B

1987-1991: After crushing on Rocco and dating philanderer Mark, Donna started dating Thorne in 1990, unaware that he was also seeing her pal Macy. When she learned of his two-timing, Donna moved to San Francisco with her big brother, Storm, in January 1991.

1994: In September, Donna and Storm returned to L.A. to attend Brooke’s Malibu beach wedding to Ridge. After, they returned to San Fran.

1995: Donna arrived home solo in August to witness Thorne and Macy’s nups before heading back to Northern California.

2001: In January, Donna, Storm and the entire Logan clan came to town for Brooke’s wedding to Thorne. After, she and her brother returned to their city by the bay.

2006-15: Donna moved back to her hometown in July 2006 after she came to L.A. to attend Darla’s funeral. After a 2008-10 marriage to Eric, she married Justin in 2011, but they split, too. In February 2015, Donna left town after Katie and Bill’s second wedding to see the world. It was mentioned that she spent Christmas in Dallas with Logan patriarch Stephen.

2016: Donna returned to L.A. in October after learning that Eric had been hospitalized, and was home just in time to wit- ness Brooke’s aborted wedding to Bill. After, Donna resumed globe-trotting.

2017: At Ridge’s invitation, Donna came home to surprise Brooke at Christmas. Once the holiday was over, Donna returned to Dallas to care for her ailing father. In 2019, she popped in again to attend Brooke and Ridge’s February wedding and decided to stick around.