Remembering Chloe’s Comings And Goings From Y&R

2008-14: Chloe moved from New York City in February to work for Jabot and welcomed Delia, her daughter with Billy, the following year. In 2013, she mourned when Delia was killed in a hit-and-run accident with Adam behind the wheel. Grief-stricken, Chloe kidnapped Adam and Chelsea’s baby son, Connor. Chloe was committed to a California psychiatric hospital in May 2014. In October, Chloe was granted a 24-hour pass from the hospital and traveled to Genoa City to mark the first anniversary of Delia’s death, then returned to California without anyone noticing that she was pregnant (with daughter Bella) as a result of the passionate interlude she had with Kevin prior to her institutionalization.

2015: Chloe returned in October for the second anniversary of Delia’s passing and mowed down Adam with her car. She was sent back to the treatment facility.

2016: In July 2016, Chloe returned to Genoa City claiming to be emotionally healthy but secretly, she was still gunning for Adam. Eventually, he was presumed dead when she blew up the cabin where he was hiding out. Chloe was about to remarry Kevin in April 2017 when Chelsea discovered her pal “killed” Adam and confronted her. Chloe escaped and Victor helped stage her suicide in May. After she shocked Kevin by popping out of her casket following her memorial service, Chloe followed Victor’s orders to live with her former psychiatrist near New Orleans. But in July, Kevin created a new alias for Chloe, and the couple (along with Bella) relocated to Portland, Oregon. When Adam turned up alive in 2019, Chloe slipped back into town in June and shot him. Chloe received probation and therapy due to her mental illness. Kevin and Chloe settled into the Chancellor manse and welcomed son Miles last October.