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The Reel Thing

It isn’t easy when marriage partners work and play together, but Y&R’s Patty Weaver (Gina) and writer Jerry Birn have it down.Weaver and Birn found true love on-set, but the magic has nothing to do with Genoa City. “We have a law in our house,” explains Weaver. “We don’t talk about the show. Ever. It’s a way of keeping our home intact.

“A lot of people in the industry who are married, all they talk about is the business,” she continues. “I didn’t want to have that kind of marriage. I wanted to have a marriage like real people, where you talk about what’s for dinner and picking up dry cleaning. I needed the normalcy.” Like her costars, Weaver has to wait for the scripts to tell the story. “Quite frankly, I don’t want to know [what’s coming]!” laughs Weaver. “When we got married, a lot of people started asking me about their storylines. That’s secret and I’m not a writer, so it’s not my place to say. Plus, if I knew someone was being let go from the show, as an actor, I would feel badly and want them to be prepared. If I don’t know, it’s easier. I don’t feel any guilt over it.”
Of course, a man can only keep so much from his woman. “I know my husband’s moods and when he comes in the door at night [these days], I know there are some incredible things coming up on Y&R,” teases Weaver. “I can see that gleam in his eye.”
Mood signals aside, for Weaver and Birn, ignorance truly is bliss. “Almost 10 years!” gasps Weaver of their relationship. “He’s had to go through [my six back] surgeries and has been 100 percent there for me, the entire time. He’s been like the Rock of Gibraltar. He’s been the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me.”