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Record This: Your Handy Guide to The Week of May 6

Bold And Beautiful

Sean Kanan, Kimberlin Brown

Howard Wise/

On Monday, May 6, Deacon and Finn are ecstatic to have Sheila back, believing she deserves a second chance…. Liam gets closer to Steffy over her concerns about Finn on Tuesday, May 7…. On WednesdayMay 8, Deacon wants to take the next step in his relationship with Sheila (both above)…. Steffy is horrified by Finn’s “happy” news that Sheila is alive on Thursday, May 9…. On Friday, May 10, Li comes face to face with her archenemy, Sheila Carter.

Days of our Lives

Eric Martsolf, Stacy Haiduk, Robert Scott Wilson


On Monday, May 6, Johnny and Chanel consider their options regarding Chanel’s pregnancy as Paulina feels guilty about the risk she may have caused to her daughter’s unborn baby… Maggie informs Sarah, Xander, and Konstantin that Victor’s will has been probated on Tuesday, May 7; while Kristen flaunts her relationship with Alex to make Brady jealous (all above)… On Wednesday, May 8, Ava and Harris make a shocking discovery regarding Clyde’s black book… Maggie is shocked to learn the truth about Konstantin on Thursday, May 9 and Stefan agrees to assist Harris and Ava in bringing down Clyde…Salem celebrates Mother’s Day on Friday, May 10, as Chad and Thomas visit Abigail’s grave while Chanel asks Johnny if he wants to keep their child.

General Hospital


ABC/Christine Bartolucci

Sonny and Natalia comfort each other on Monday, May 6; Alexis tries to give Kristina some perspective; Dante has a realization; and Ava is frustrated… On Tuesday, May 7, Carly eavesdrops on John; Laura (above) visits Heather at Pentonville; Felica warns Anna about Valentin; Sonny meets with Jordan; and Willow accepts Drew’s offer… Jason tells Anna what the FBI has on him on Wednesday, May 8, as Carly tries to get information from Pikeman; Dante breaks some news to Sam; Lois and John catch up; and Brooklyn meets up with Chase before their wedding celebrations begin…On Thursday, May 9, Finn and Gregory have a disagreement over his care; Ava feels slighted by Sonny; Natalia tries to find a way to attend the wedding; Jason tells Sam he is working with the FBI; and Jordan cautions Laura…John confronts Jason about Carly on Friday, May 10, as Ava investigates Sonny’s medication; Sonny has a proposition for Natalia; Anna checks in with Dex about the PCPD; and Josslyn and Dex share a little flirty competition.

Melissa Claire Egan, Jason Thompson, Courtney Hope, Mark Grossman

Howard Wise/

Young and Restless

On Monday, May 6, Victor gives Jordan a taste of her own medicine; Jack comes clean with Diane; and Summer holds Kyle accountable for his actions….  Victor covers his tracks with Cole on Tuesday, May 7, while Chelsea and Adam await news on Connor’s progress (both above, along with Sally and Billy), and Ashley’s alters fight for control…. On Wednesday, May 8, Lily makes a tough decision; Tucker catches Ashley off guard; and Nate tests the waters with Audra…. Jordan tries to strike a deal with Victor on ThursdayMay 9, as Diane gives Jack an ultimatum, and Phyllis gives Summer sound advice…. On Friday, May 10, Victor plays his cards close to the vest; Victoria defends Claire; and Phyllis spars with Diane.