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Record This: Your Handy Guide to Can’t-Miss Episodes


Sean Kanan

Howard Wise/

Hope asks Finn a poignant and pointed question about Sheila on Monday, April 22, while Steffy claps back at Liam for taking Deacon (above) seriously… On Tuesday, April 23, Deacon dives deeper into his detective work to prove his theory; Brooke has a strong point of view when she learns of Luna’s betrayal of R.J.; and Finn and Steffy spend romantic time away from their children… Having found a lead, Deacon requests Finn’s assistance on Wednesday, April 24; Zende confesses to Carter that he slept with Luna; and R.J. and Luna have an awkward moment while working together… On Thursday, April 25, Deacon puts the puzzle pieces together and recounts a crazy story to Finn; Steffy and Hope stand united in their stance on Deacon and Sheila; and as Ridge gives Brooke good news, Brooke, in turn, delivers bad news… Finn and Deacon embark on a quest to get to the truth on Friday, April 26, as the Forrester family comes together to support R.J.


Dan Feuerriegel, Stacy Haiduk


On Monday, April 22, since their honeymoon was a bust, Johnny surprises Chanel, and Harris stands guard while Ava searches the Bistro on Clyde’s orders… Tate and Holly share another stolen moment on Tuesday, April 23, as Theresa relaxes Alex with a massage that becomes heated; and EJ makes his intentions clear to Kristen (both above) about running DiMera Enterprises… On Wednesday, April 24, Kristen and Stefan discuss who might have killed Li… Maggie’s revelation that she is marrying Konstantin floors Sarah and Xander on Thursday, April 25, while Kristen invites Alex to spend the night together… On Friday, April 26, Eric is shocked to find Leo at the Salem Inn while investigating his and Sloan’s finances, and Nicole speaks with Chad about a reporter job at The Spectator.



Disney/Bahareh Ritter

Sonny and Carly have it out on Monday, April 22, while Nina makes a discovery; Sam tells Jason to stay away from Danny; Drew and Willow reconnect; and Lois impresses Maxie with her Deception knowledge… On Tuesday, April 23, Brooklyn’s bridal shower is in full swing, where Tracy lets her guard down, and Joss and Kristina go toe to toe over Sonny. Meanwhile, Finn gives Chase (both above) the bachelor party treatment at the hatchet range, where a surprise guest shows up! … Chase and Finn find Gregory in a medical situation on Wednesday, April 24, while Sam is worried about Danny; Josslyn opens up to Jason; Drew and Jordan enjoy each other’s company; and Dex has some doubts about joining the PCPD… On Thursday, April 25, Jason confronts Sonny; TJ is concerned about Kristina’s actions; Drew and Carly share a bittersweet moment; Kristina is worried about Sonny; and Trina helps Laura with Ace… Laura tells Sonny she cannot forgive him on Friday, April 26, as Nina shares her concerns with Carly; Finn and Gregory have a disagreement; Molly asks Alexis for help; and Sasha receives a surprising proposition.



Christel Khalil, Melissa Ordway, Bryton James, Sean Dominic

Howard Wise/

On Monday, April 22, Victor and Jack uncover a clue about Harrison’s kidnapping; Billy works to reestablish his connection with Lily; and Devon (above) makes a power move at Chancellor-Winters… Victor takes matters into his own hands on Tuesday, April 23, while Jill does damage control with her team, and Victoria helps Nikki make a dangerous decision… On Wednesday, April 24, Nikki attemps to make a deal with Jordan; Kyle make a shocking discovery; and a new side of Ashey’s emerges… Victor reveals a new plan of attack against Jordan on Thursday, April 25, while Victoria and Cole remininsce about their past, and Jack receives disturbing news… On Friday, April 26, Traci meets Ashley’s newest alter; Audra makes a promise to Tucker; and Devon stays one step ahead of Billy.