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Record This: Your Handy Guide to Can’t-Miss Episodes


Delon De Metz, Joshua Hoffman

Howard Wise/

On Monday, April 15, Steffy demands that Deacon snap back to reality, while R.J. learns the truth about Zende and Luna… Hope reveals the real reason she turned down Thomas’s proposal to Liam on Tuesday, April 16, and R.J. angrily confronts Zende (both above) for sleeping with his girlfriend… Liam and Hope agree to let Beth spend more time with Deacon, and Poppy attempts to comfort a heartbroken Luna on Wednesday, April 17… On Thursday, April 18, Deacon pursues a new lead in his quest to prove he’s not crazy, and Finn shares his concern about Deacon with Steffy… Lauren Fenmore shares details about Sheila’s past with Deacon on Friday, April 19, while Hope, Liam, Steffy and Finn worry about Deacon’s mental health.


Carson Boatman, Susan Seaforth Hayes, Raven Bowens


On Monday, April 15, snowed in at the Horton Cabin, Johnny and Chanel spend their honeymoon—with Julie (all above)! Meanwhile, Brady and Theresa tell Tate he needs to keep his distance from Holly… EJ tries to dodge reporters, but Chad and Xander stop him from leaving on Tuesday, April 16, as Paulina continues with her treatment and Sarah checks on her… On Wednesday, April 17, Marlena prays that John is ready for the truth when he receives some information about his time in Aria, Greece… Maggie makes a bold move to help Konstantin stay in the country on Thursday, April 18, and Kristen and Stefan try to figure out a way to keep EJ from becoming CEO of DiMera… On Friday, April 19, Marlena and John babysit Jude while Maggie and Konstantin discuss their impending wedding.


Laura Wright


On Monday, April 15, Carly (above) updates Jason; Tracy receives welcome news; Sonny meets with Drew; John shares his suspicions with Annal; and Ava continues to snow Nina… Laura and Anna come to a mutual realization on Tuesday, April 16, while Trina questions Josslyn and Dex about their relationship; Alexis and Finn support each other; Brook Lynn and Chase have an honest discussion about money; and Elizabeth opens up to Gregory…On Wednesday, April 17, Carly and John get closer; Cyrus goes on the record to Anna; Lois asks Sonny if he will attend the wedding; Dex takes another step towards his new career; and Ava keeps something from Sonny… Sonny learns that Dex is becoming a cop on Thursday, April 18; Jason gives Carly a gift; Nina spars with Drew; Lois and Brook Lynn have a heartfelt talk; and Josslyn has a plea for Anna…Sonny and Carly have it out on Friday, April 19; Nina makes a discovery; Sam tells Jason to stay away from Danny; Drew and Willow reconnect; and Lois impresses Maxie with her Deception knowledge.


Lauralee Bell, Michael Damian

Howard Wise/

On Monday, April 15, Victor and Nikki’s party takes an unexpected turn; Christine puts the brakes on her future plans with Danny (both above); and Jordan sets her sights on a new target… Victor and Jack put their differences aside to help their families on Tuesday, April 16, as Summer and Kyle’s world spins out of control, and Victoria receives mixed signals… On Wednesday, April 17, Nikki shares a secret with Lauren; Nick and Phyllis support Summer; and Traci gives Ashley some tough love… Chelsea and Adam share a difference of opinion about Connor on Thursday, April 18, while Christine receives a blast from the past, and Lily vows to make Daniel pay for his betrayal… On Friday, April 19, Victor and Jack join forces; Nikki goes rogue; and Adam turns to Sharon for guidance.