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Record This: Your Handy Guide to Can’t-Miss Episodes


John McCook, Tracey Bregman

Howard Wise/

On Monday, April 1, Finn accuses Steffy of using Thomas and Hope’s breakup to create a Forrester vs. Logan feud while Zende and Luna find themselves in a surreal situation and Hope is surprised by Liam’s authentic concern and comfort…. Steffy flips when she learns of the memorial Deacon is planning for Sheila on Tuesday, April 2; the Logan sisters attempt to dissuade Deacon from involving Finn and Hope in his plans; and Liam and Hope share an endearing moment with Beth… With Hope and Finn in attendance, Deacon gives an emotional farewell to Sheila Carter on Wednesday, April 3…. On Thursday, April 4, Steffy and Liam are conflicted by Finn and Hope’s choice; Lauren Fenmore visits Eric (both above), who reminisces about his time with Sheila; and Finn gives an impassioned sendoff to his mother….  Eric and Lauren rejoice over Sheila’s passing on Friday, April 5, as Hope and Finn bond over their shared connection, and unable to leave her, Deacon accompanies Sheila’s body to the crematorium.



Disney/Bahareh Ritter

Jason visits Elizabeth and Jake on Monday, April 1, while Dante confirms whether or not Jason shot him, Anna puts Sonny on notice, Diane helps Alexis on her appeal, and Natalia takes over Blaze’s Deception contract…. On Tuesday, April 2, Drew checks on Nina at work; John has a new plan to take down Pikeman; Jason reveals something to Anna; Carly and Michael make confessions; and Dex gets interviewed about joining the PCPD…. Chase and Brook Lynn ask Dante for a favor on Wednesday, April 3, as Finn opens up to Elizabeth about his dad, Sasha and Cody admit their feelings, Blaze fills Kristina in on her new job., and Tracy crosses with Stella…. On Thursday, April 4, Terry offers Tracy some advice; Curtis comforts Trina; Josslyn is in shock; Kevin and Laura check in on Heather; and Sasha shows off her culinary skills…. Drew chews out John on Friday, April 5, while Lois helps Brook Lynn with a wedding dress crisis, Sonny and Natalia (both above) get better acquainted, Kristina and Joss argue, Anna questions Brennan about Pikeman, and Sam is worried about Danny.


Billy Flynn


On Monday, April 1, Holly finally comes clean about her drug overdose, and EJ witnesses Eric offering support to Nicole…. Chad (above) visits Abigail’s grave on Tuesday, April 2, while Everett undergoes hypnosis with Marlena…. On Wednesday, April 3, Xander and Sarah attempt to prove his innocence to Rafe…. Kate vows to Lucas that she will secure his freedom on Thursday, April 4, while Theresa receives an invitation from Alex to move back in….. On Friday, April 5, Everett delivers news about Stefan’s arrest to Chad and Leo, while Sloan is affected by Eric’s advice to Stephanie on the subject of forgiveness.



Jason Thompson, Christel Khalil

Howard Wise/

On MondayApril 1, Victor uncovers a clue about Jordan’s whereabouts; Jack and Diane discuss her future at Jabot; Adam challenges Victoria; and Ashley has a rude awakening…. Daniel and Heather struggle with their new normal on Tuesday, April 2, while Victoria and Cole give Claire a history lesson, and Phyllis shares a surprising encounter with Billy…. On Wednesday, April 3, Ashley makes a confession to Traci; Tucker proves himself to Audra; and Nikki discovers she has a secret admirer…. Lily (above) and Devon disagree about Billy’s (above) role at Chancellor-Winters on ThursdayApril 4, as Audra questions Tucker’s motives, and Nikki gives in to temptation…. On FridayApril 5, Nick reconnects with Lily; Billy makes a promise to Chelsea; and Sally points Adam in the right direction.