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Record This: Your Handy Guide to Can’t-Miss Episodes


Romy Park, Don Diamont

Howard Wise/

On Monday, March 18, Hope gives Thomas an answer to his marriage proposal; Luna tells Bill (both above) about her frustration not knowing who her father is; and Poppy makes a big request to Finn…. Hope’s decision causes emotional fallout from the Logans and Forresters on TuesdayMarch 19, and Steffy’s anger at Hope hits an all-time high…. On Wednesday, March 20, Carter attempts to convince Liam that Thomas has changed, and their feud reignites when Hope stands up to Steffy…. B&B will be preempted on Thursday, March 21, and Friday, March 22, for CBS Sports’ March Madness.


Brandon Barash, Dan Feuerriegel


On Monday, March 18, EJ informs Stefan (both above) that he’s pulling the trigger on an escape plan, while Sloan and Eric bicker about Jude’s christening…. Xander is released on bail into Sarah’s custody on Tuesday, March 19…. EJ is on the hunt for Stefan on Wednesday, March 20, while Eric thinks Holly is holding something back regarding Tate…. Johnny and Steve surprise Paulina and Abe with a celebration, and a drunk and disheveled Stefan pays an unexpected visit to Chad on Thursday, March 21…. On Friday, March 22, John informs Marlena of his plan to apologize to Konstantin, then turn himself in.



Disney/Christine Bartolucci

On Monday, March 18, Dex makes a confession to Josslyn; Tracy shares a moment with Sonny; Diane offers encouragement to Alexis; Kevin explains what might have led to Marshall’s misdiagnosis; and Stella has an unlikely encounter…. Josslyn opens up to Carly on Tuesday, March 19, while Dex confides in Anna (above), Sonny offers Natalia some valuable insights, Jason gets a visitor, and Brook Lynn lays into John (above)…. Tracy sees a new side of Cody; Alexis informs Molly about her plans; Natalia has a revelation; and Anna makes an admission to John over drinks on Wednesday, March 20…. Drew has a proposition for Nina on Thursday, March 21, while a photo shoot at Deception goes wrong, Laura and Heather find some common ground, and Willow is worried by her actions…. On Friday, March 22, Jason reaches out to Diane for help; Maxie calls Lucy out; Cody and Olivia comfort each other; Sasha makes a huge decision; and Chase and Brook Lynn are stunned.


Hayley Erin

Howard Wise/

On MondayMarch 18, Victor receives a shocking request from Nikki; Billy has a troubling encounter with Ashley; and Summer challenges Claire (above)…. Victor tests Nick and Summer’s loyalty on TuesdayMarch 19, while Chelsea blames herself for Connor’s issues, and Nikki’s plan for revenge against Jordan backfires…. On Wednesday, March 20, the Newmans support Claire as she struggles to connect with her new family…. Y&R is preempted on Thursday, March 21, and Friday, March 22, for CBS Sports coverage of March Madness.