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Record This: Your Handy Guide to Can’t-Miss Episodes

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Tanner Novlan

Howard Wise/


On Monday, March 11, Finn and Steffy (above) fight their demons over Sheila’s death and try to fix the void between them, and wracked with guilt over betraying him with Zende, Luna cries at R.J.’s praise and loyalty…. Ridge asks Brooke to give more grace to Thomas and Hope’s relationship on Tuesday, March 12, as Finn hallucinates about Sheila’s death while attempting to connect with Steffy, and Thomas and Hope remember their time in Rome with a romantic Italian dinner…. On WednesdayMarch 13, Hope worries about Deacon’s emotional well-being, while Thomas is focused on Steffy’s, and Finn freaks out when he cannot stop seeing his dead mother, Sheila…. Bill and Luna share an unexpected and comforting conversation about parents and children on Thursday, March 14, Hope attempts to get through to Brooke about Thomas’s commitment and care…. On Friday, March 15, Ridge encourages Thomas to act boldly in his love for Hope; Thomas creates a beautiful new gown for Hope; and Bill offers to be a sounding board for Luna when Poppy cannot.



Arianne Zucker, Dan Feuerriegel


Tate gives Holly a shock when he appears at her bedroom window on Monday, March 11, while an angel visits Abe and Paulina…. On Tuesday, March 12, EJ and Nicole (both above) catch Tate with Holly…. Eli and Lani ponder whether he should accept a job offer in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, March 13, and Sarah invites Johnny and Chanel to honeymoon at the Horton cabin… On Thursday, March 14, Harris wakes up and finds that Ava is taking care of him, while John and Marlena meet up with Roman and Eric…. Steve tells Marlena the story about his and John’s time in Aria on Friday, March 15, while Nicole supports Holly as she pleads with EJ to reconsider sending Tate to jail.




Disney/Christine Bartolucci

Carly reveals the news about Jason (above) to Sonny; John and Anna continue their pursuit; Maxie and Spinelli try to resolve their issues; and Sasha offers her support to Cody on Monday, March 11…. On Tuesday, March 12, Drew confronts Carly; Jason asks for a favor; Sam is emotional; Finn assesses Heather; and Natalia surprises Blaze…. Sonny fears Jason has changed on Wednesday, March 13, while Michael is in shock, Selina shares information with Curtis, Drew blows off some steam, and Jordan has doubts about her career…. On Thursday, March 14, Jason explains where he has been; Lois checks in on Sonny; John asks Carly for help; Sam has trouble hiding her suspicions; and Molly speaks to Anna about potential charges…. Heather gets medical information; Diane has a proposal for Alexis; Kevin reveals something to Marshall about his diagnosis; Josslyn tries to stop Dex from leaving; and Nina humiliates Gregory on Friday, March 15.


Colleen Zenk

Howard Wise/

On Monday, March 11, Victor backs Jordan (above) into a corner; Phyllis commiserates with Nick; and Nikki gives Claire a history lesson…. Victor reveals his plan to retaliate against Jordan on TuesdayMarch 12, while Victoria comes to Claire’s defense, and Nick makes a bold move…. On Wednesday, March 13, Devon stands his ground with Billy; Daniel receives a surprise visitor; and Victor goes to great lengths to protect Nikki…. Ashley sends Tucker mixed signals on Thursday, March 14, as Daniel is forced to make a tough decision, and Abby struggles to keep the peace…. On FridayMarch 15, Chelsea and Adam work together to help Connor; Summer and Kyle are challenged as parents; and Audra stands her ground with Tucker.