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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Matthew Taplinger/CBS

On MondayFebruary 26, Finn confesses his true feelings about Steffy (above) and Sheila’s altercation to Hope, and Steffy can’t shake her overwhelming, ominous feeling about Sheila…. Deacon and Liam argue about Sheila’s unpredictable behavior on Tuesday, February 27, and Steffy and Finn encounter an unexpected challenge…. On Wednesday, February 28, Carter delivers unanticipated information to Ridge and Thomas, and Finn reels at Steffy’s news…. Hope informs Brooke of Steffy and Sheila’s fight on Thursday, February 29, and Ridge and Thomas stand in support of Steffy, while Finn supports Sheila…. On Friday, March 1, Ridge makes a request to Deputy Chief Baker, and Hope comforts a distraught Finn at Sheila’s apartment.


Ashley Puzemis, Arianne Zuker, Dan Feuerriegel


Marlena converses with Everett about his past under Stephanie’s watchful eye on Monday, February 26…. On Tuesday, February 27, Kayla delivers dreadful news about Paulina to Abe and Chanel…. Holly regains consciousness, much to the relief of Nicole and EJ (all above), on Wednesday, February 28, while Sarah jumps to Xander’s defense with EJ…. On Thursday, February 29, Lani and Eli arrive in Salem, and Eric arranges a romantic surprise for Sloan…. On Friday, March 1, Steve admits the truth to Konstantin, and Stefan arrives at the hospital on a mission to silence Harris.


Sonny, Spinelli

Disney/Christine Bartolucci

Sonny has a job for Spinelli (both above); Blaze’s mother, Natalia, surprises her with an early visit; Nina seeks Ava’s help; Carly is wary of John; and Curtis encourages Drew on Monday, February 26….  Nina tries to defend her actions to Sonny on Tuesday, February 27, while Drew opens up to Carly; Blaze has a defining moment with her mother; and Maxie and Spinelli get closer…. On Wednesday, February 28, Tracy, Lois and Maxie help Brook Lynn find a wedding dress; Chase needs to clear something up; Carly tells Sonny about her run-in with John; Joss tries to find Dex; and John runs into Scott…. Dante tries to play peacemaker; Sonny confronts John; Brook Lynn reassures Chase; Lois and Tracy have it out; and Finn and Elizabeth discuss their future on Thursday, February 29…. On Friday, March 1, Felicia makes a confession; Dante discovers a connection; Anna and John hash out their differences; Sonny and Spinelli loop Ava into their plan; and Blaze and Kristina make a revelation.


Jason Thompson, Bryton James

Howard Wise/

On Monday, February 26, Jack and Traci discuss how to help Ashley; Tucker makes a promise to Audra; and Esther tries to keep the peace between Billy and Devon (both above)…. Audra settles unfinished business with Ashley on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, while Phyllis reconnects with Amanda, and Jack gives Tucker an ultimatum…. On Wednesday, February 28,Victor enlists Claire to set a trap for Jordan; Ashley has a troubling experience; and Victoria faces a tough decision…. Victor and Victoria reach an understanding about Claire on ThursdayFebruary 29, as Devon stands his ground, and Chelsea loses patience with Adam…. On Friday, March 1, Victor makes a promise to Victoria; Nikki learns shocking news; and Phyllis has a proposition for Danny.