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John McCook, Jennifer Gareis

Howard Wise/

On MondayFebruary 5, Luna and RJ spend a magical night together, and Eric decides to celebrate his recovery by hosting a grand party…. The Logan sisters share a special moment as they prepare for the soiree on Tuesday, February 6, and Eric is excited to celebrate this new chapter in his life…. On Wednesday, February 7, Zende and RJ decide to make Eric their priority, and surrounded by friends and family, Eric proposes to Donna (both above)…. Bill asks Poppy if he is Luna’s father on Thursday, February 8, and Donna and Eric exchange wedding vows…. On Friday, February 9, Poppy panics when she cannot find her special mints, and the Forrester family toasts the marriage of Eric and Donna.




Raven Bowens, Carson Boatman


On Monday, February 5, Johnny nurses misgivings about marrying Chanel (both above) again, and Abe and Paulina make love for the first time since he lost his memory…. Alex and Kristen open up to one another about their situations with Theresa and Brady, respectively, on Tuesday, February 6…. On Wednesday, February 7, Ava and Harris have a secret meet-up…. John tells Steve about his encounter with Konstantin on Thursday, February 8, while Harris has words with Clyde about the recent drug bust…. The sexual tension between Xander and Sarah is palpable on Friday, February 9.



Benard, Hofer

Disney/Christine Bartolucci

Laura intervenes; Alexis feels guilty; Sonny (above) confides in Dante; Scott consoles Lucy; and Anna makes a proposition on Monday, February 5…. On Tuesday, February 6, Brick expresses his doubts to Sonny; Tracy makes a confession; Martin is surprised; Anna makes a big announcement; and Michael issues a task to Dex (above)…. Spencer’s friends and family gather to say good-bye on Wednesday, February 7, while a surprise mourner appears for Esme; Dante is conflicted; Finn makes a realization about Gregory; and Willow and Michael take a step toward reconciliation…. Chase has concerns; Carly gets an assist from Brook Lynn; Nina has an ask for Martin; Michael appeals to Sonny; and Willow is worried about Drew on Thursday, February 8…. On Friday, February 9, Sonny learns about a recent string of mob hits; Carly and Drew discuss his vendetta against Nina; Brick makes a discovery; and Cody helps Spinelli.



Tracey Bregman, Peter Bergman

Howard Wise/

On MondayFebruary 5, Ashley and Traci gather intel in Paris; Chelsea and Adam question their parenting skills; and Devon gives Nate a warning….Victor is suspicious of Nikki on Tuesday, February 6, while Jack turns to Lauren (both above) for help, and Abby makes a big decision…. On Wednesday, February 7,Victor learns disturbing news; Phyllis and Christine’s rivalry takes a dangerous turn; and Tucker reveals his master plan…. Victor and Nikki reach a compromise on ThursdayFebruary 8, as Devon backs Daniel into a corner, and Phyllis keeps up appearances…. On Friday, February 9, Jack and Nikki’s bond upsets Diane; Mamie strategizes with Nate; and Ashley stands her ground with Tucker.