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Record This: Your Handy Guide To Can't-Miss Episodes


Tanner Novlan, Naomi Matsuda

Howard Wise/

On Monday, December 4, Donna panics when Eric suffers a medical emergency, and Zende confronts R.J. about his new place at Forrester…. Brooke, Katie, and Donna worry about Eric’s determination to continue the party as planned on Tuesday, December 5…. On Wednesday, December 6, hiding his illness, Eric kicks off his soiree, making a toast to his family…. Eric shares a special moment with each of his family members and guests on Thursday, December 7, Li becomes suspicious of why Finn is researching when he should be with Steffy at the Forrester mansion…. On Friday, December 8,Donna intervenes when she overhears the truth about who really won the fashion showdown, and Eric makes a final speech.


Steve Burton, Tamara Braun


 On Monday, December 4, Holly tells Johnny a big lie…. Sloan attempts to stop Eric from viewing the DNA results on Tuesday, December 5…. On Wednesday, December 6, Everett and Stephanie make a shocking discovery, and Harris and Ava (both above) have their first date…. Steve and John find a big clue on Thursday, December 7…. On Friday, December 8, EJ asks too much of Nicole.


Jacqueline Grace Lopez, Kate Mansi

Disney/Christine Bartolucci

On Monday, December 4, Brook Lynn is skeptical; Drew informs Carly and Josslyn about his plans; Sonny and Nina have a disagreement; Molly presents TJ with an idea; and Ned confides in Lois…. Ava confronts Cyrus on Tuesday, December 5, Laura offers Esme reassurance; Curtis has questions for Sonny; Blaze opens up to Kristina (both above); and Dante talks to Sam about his discovery…. On WednesdayDecember 6, Elizabeth and Jake open up to each other; Alexis gives legal help to Finn and Martin; Josslyn presses Adam about his family; Spencer and Esme have a tense moment; and Dante and Jordan reveal something to Laura…. On ThursdayDecember 7, Dante provides proof to Anna; Carly is intrigued by a customer; Scott and Lucy reminisce; Portia informs Curtis about an experimental procedure; and Gregory, and Alexis and Violet have an awkward encounter…. On Friday, December 8, Anna updates Valentin; Molly and TJ make an offer; Brook Lynn and Chase have an announcement; Lois and Olivia get some help from Cody; and Tracy remembers her past.


Michael Damian, Lauralee Bell

Howard Wise/

On Monday, December 4, Jill gives Billy the third degree…. Victor warns Devon about making amends with Nate on Tuesday, December 5, and Daniel navigates his new normal with Heather…. On Wednesday, December 6, Lily confides in Nick, and Tucker schemes to recruit Nate…. Billy shares unsettling news with Jack on Thursday, December 7, while Devon helps Lily during a crisis, and Tucker stirs the pot between Jill and Mamie…. On Friday, December 8, Michael surprises Phyllis; Danny cooks up a romantic night for Christine (both above); and Ashley stands her ground with Jack and Billy.