Rebecca Staab Clears Up Wedding Rumors

Recently, William de Vry (ex-Storm, B&B, et al) posted on his Facebook page that he was married to Rebecca Staab (ex-Jessica, GL, ex-April, Y&R, et al). However, the actress clarifies that she and her longtime boyfriend have not yet actually tied the knot. "Will and I are not married!" she laughs. "We live together and have been together for four years, so we pretty much are married, but we haven't made anything official." So then why did de Vry list "married" as his status? "He gets a lot of suggestive messages, to put it nicely," explains Staab, "and saying that he was in a relationship didn't stop them from coming in. So he was hoping to stop those messages and let women know that he's not available. We just didn't expect the news to travel so quickly through the soap community," she marvels. "Friends and family were like, 'Why didn't you tell us?' and we were like, 'Because there's nothing to tell!' What was sweet, though, was that everyone was so happy for us, even if it wasn't true." Meantime, the non-newlyweds are doing well, she reports. "Things are great between us," Staab smiles. "We eventually do want to get married and just haven't had the time to plan a wedding. But when we do, I promise that everyone will know about it!"