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Quick Take With William Lipton

First off, you’re coming up on the end of your first year of college. How has that been going, juggling your academics with work? “I will say it’s been no easy task. It’s definitely been a lot of work and communication with both GENERAL HOSPITAL and my school. I have to say I’m very happy with how everything is working out right now and very grateful that the producers at GH are still willing to work with my ever-increasingly crazy schedule.”

There’s a new face in your Port Charles friendship circle: Tabyana Ali, who is playing Trina now that Sydney Mikayla left to focus on school. How has the transition been? “It was very sad to see Sydney go; she and I had become really good friends over the years that we worked together. But her reasons for leaving were very much valid, and my goodness, Tabyana stepped in and it was an automatic clicking with the teen scene. It’s been an honor to have her here and she’s been doing so great with all the craziness that’s been thrown on her. This story is not an easy one to just waltz into and she’s been phenomenal. It’s been amazing to work with her and her talent is clear to see to everyone. Especially with soaps, the pace can be very daunting, but she’s been handling it like a champ. She’s amazing!”

You are also in the throes of a heavy story. How is Cameron handling all of the stuff on his plate right now, from the violation of his privacy that occurred with the release of his sex tape, Trina’s arrest and so on? “It really has been quite a bad hand that Cameron has been dealing with. The scripts are so consistent with how Cameron deals with the world around him; he’s been dealt this very poor hand, and yet the people he’s thinking about are his friends. Yes, it’s been tough, but his main thoughts that concern him are about his girlfriend. He sees the different treatment that Josslyn is getting, which I’m so happy they touched on, the double standard about the intimate lives of men and women. And he’s also very concerned about Trina being arrested.”

Do you think this ordeal is changing Cam’s worldview at all? I’m thinking about the scene where he told Joss that someone thanked him for speaking out about the double standard and said, “Apparently that makes me a feminist.” “It’s interesting you should mention that line, because I remember not particularly liking saying that, due to the fact that Cameron has not done enough to consider himself a feminist, in the eyes of William Lipton. However, I think that throughout this whole situation that he and Joss have been presented with, he realizes a different type of awareness that he needs to better understand some of the issues his girlfriend goes through, sex tape or not. I think that has definitely helped him grow. I think it’s opened a new caring that Cameron has for his girlfriend and the other women in his life.”

I thought your scenes with Rebecca Herbst (Liz), when Cam opened up to his mother about the tape, were just beautiful. “Thank you. There’s no one I can be vulnerable in front of like Rebecca. Becky is just so amazing and makes me feel so safe. Those scenes come so easy and I was so happy with how they turned out.”