Quick Take With Tabyana Ali

As you know, “Sprina” fans are really going through it! First it looked like Spencer thought Trina was guilty of releasing the sex tape; now the audience knows that he is actually trying to prove that she’s innocent, but Trina doesn’t know that. What is your take on how the rocky state of things between her and Spencer is affecting Trina emotionally? “She definitely feels like this is a person who is supposed to be there for her — and he’s not. She wants Spencer to be there for her while she is going through this, but she’s hurt by everything else that he’s done to her. So it’s a bit confusing for her and it’s kind of affecting her relationship with everyone else. With everything she’s going through, she doesn’t want other people’s lives to get messed up.”

How much is it gnawing at Trina that even though she has the support of her family and friends, it seems like they’re no closer to proving that Esme set her up? “She is thankful for all of that support, but it’s not doing much to get her out of the situation. Support is great, but we also need the proof!”

Cameron is keeping Spencer’s plan a secret. Do you think Trina can tell that there is something going on with Cam that he’s not telling her? “I don’t think she’s picking up on that yet. I think it’s going over her head and she doesn’t realize what’s really going on with this secret.”

At this juncture in the story, Trina is starting to see Rory around town — at the gallery, at yoga. How would you describe the vibe between them? “I think at this moment in her life, she is so tired of all the hustle and bustle of everything that is going on and she is ready to have some fun. I think she is seeing Rory as an opportunity for fun.”

How have you enjoyed working with your new co-star, Michael Blake Kruse (Rory)? “Michael is an amazing co-star. He’s very down-to-earth, very grounded, and he’s a very gentle person, which I really appreciate. We’ve gotten to speak about family and work life and our lives and I’ve gotten to know him a little bit more, and we can definitely relate on some things when it comes to our families and how we work. He’s a great person, super-nice and very genuine.”

We seem to be in the very early stages of a love triangle brewing between Trina, Rory and Spencer. What appeals to you about the prospect of these two guys fighting over her? “I guess it’s like, it’s really giving me my Bella [Twilight] moment! There is this bad boy — and I think we’ve all been there before — and then there’s Rory, who’s very well-educated, very intelligent, follows the rules just like Trina. He is more of the type that should be with Trina rather than Spencer, but I think Trina is just going to have that longing for Spencer. There is something about him that she is really just intoxicated by, you know? And he’s intoxicated by her. So I think it’s an interesting thing to see these very polar opposite guys try to get with Trina.”

Because the stakes are so high here, is it occurring to her that if she can’t get hard evidence against Esme, there may come a time when she is forced to spill the truth about Spencer being at the cemetery with her the day the sex tape came out? “Yes, she understands the importance of using that [information]. And I hope she shows that respect for herself and tells it!”