Quick Take With Scott Clifton

What does it mean to Liam to have Brooke to talk to about his issues with the Hope, Thomas and Douglas dynamic? “Thank goodness for Brooke. She and Liam have always had a friendship in so much as you can have a friendship with your mother-in-law or son-in-law. They also share his undying concern about Thomas and his motivation. Liam is concerned and they sympathize with each other for a lot of reasons. Brooke is having trouble with Ridge, and Thomas is clearly threading the needle of having things going toward Taylor, his own mother. I think between Ridge and Hope, Brooke and Liam see Thomas as a threat to their way of life and their lives as a family. Brooke is just as concerned as Liam about the Douglas situation.”

How would you describe Liam and Brooke’s relationship as they are dealing with outside forces trying to fracture their family units? “Liam is concerned about the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle, and I think they find sanity in each other. Liam and Brooke both know that they can come to each other and talk and won’t be judged or gaslighted, because they both have been a little crazy. Everyone is telling them they have nothing to worry about and there are no problems here and the emperor is wearing clothes, but Brooke and Liam know that’s not true. There is a lot more going on here. And the people closest to each of them seem to be turning a blind eye. Brooke and Liam have always had a friendship but thankfully, this is an oasis of sanity that they are giving each other.”

Is Liam Team Brooke or Team Taylor? “Liam has no sides. Liam actually believes in signs and fate and destiny. But in this triangle, they have all messed up and have crawled their way back from the abyss.”

Speaking of pairings and unpairings, what are Liam’s thoughts about Bill and Katie’s parting? “I have nothing to go on, but I think maybe Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] is taking Bill in a totally different direction. It’s obvious that Bill has strong feelings for Katie, and they are great parents together for Will. Who knows? Maybe they are happier when they are apart? We will have to wait and see.”

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