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Quick Take With Peter Bergman

Fans are excited that you’re very much in the spotlight again. Are you just as elated to be given meaty material that centers around your character? “Actually, getting my own story has never been my feeling. I have been involved in other people’s stories, which I thoroughly enjoy, but my way of thinking has always been, ‘When are we going to re-establish the Abbott family?’ Jack has been wandering around that house for a long time by himself with the occasional visit from Billy. I am more thrilled to see the Abbotts back in the forefront because of this story.”

Well, you got your wish — the Abbotts are certainly involved. What about this facet of the story are you enjoying the most? “I love that it’s generating a range of opinions. Traci has a perspective on this, Ashley has a perspective on this and Billy has a perspective on this that have yet to be explored and I’m looking forward to that. It really ties the Abbotts together. The Abbott family is on the march. There’s a lot of good stuff coming up and I couldn’t be happier.”

It would be nice if Ashley could stick around Genoa City permanently, don’t you think? “I couldn’t agree with that more. I love having Eileen [Davidson, Ashley] here whenever she can, so I cherish our times together, no matter how limited. I’ll take whatever we can get. Ashley certainly brings her own drama. It would be great to have Ashley back but while she’s gone, there’s no friction between Jack and Traci.”

And we already know that you’re a big fan of Beth Maitland, who plays your TV sister, Traci, so seeing more of her must be a joy to you. “It’s so delightful that we’re seeing a lot of Beth these days. She brings so much heart to everything she touches. There’s a wonderful love and familiarity in that brother/sister bond. There’s just mountains of love between them and I love playing that.”

What’s been nice to see for a change is Billy being very protective of Jack. How do you like that dynamic? “Hasn’t that been lovely? Jason’s [Thompson, Billy] strengths as an actor are so many. At one point, Billy tried to give a little advice about Phyllis and Jack shuts him down and you could see the regret in his eyes of, ‘I’m sorry I went there. I just wanna help because I care.’ ”

And yet, Jack is still watching out for his siblings. Since both Traci and Billy have each lost a child, Jack didn’t want them to come along on his journey to learn more about his dead son, Keemo. “Jack didn’t want to drag them back into that world of pain and loss. Whoever wrote that episode, I thought it was very wise that point came across. No matter what Jack is going through, his family will always come first.”