Quick Take With Parry Shen

As Brad, you recently went through something of a GH rite of passage: getting threatened by Sonny!

“I was very excited to finally have a scene with Maurice [Benard, Sonny] with no veiled threats, just straight-up, in-your-face threats!  Since it was an important scene, we actually got to spend a decent amount of time figuring out what the dynamics of the scene would be. Obviously, Maurice felt Sonny should be the intimidator protecting Michael, but at the same time, Brad needed to fight for his life.”

Tell me your thoughts about how Brad and Lucas left things before Brad was hauled off to jail. What were those scenes like to film with Ryan Carnes (Lucas)?

“It was perfectly written by [Co-Head Writers] Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten and [Writer] Anna Theresa Cascio. All I had to do was say the words. Being sentimental and having worked with Ryan for a little over six years and realizing it was coming to an ‘end’ — it all came rushing to a head. Usually during rehearsal, you save the emotional stuff for the real take, but even during rehearsal I was bawling. It was so very easy to be in that moment, not knowing if it was appropriate to hug or not, and if I’d really ever see Lucas — or Ryan! — ever again. It all came very organically. I still get emotional just thinking or talking about it and am glad it came across that way to most viewers who saw it when it aired.”

What was your reunion with Brad’s bestie, Kelly Thiebaud’s Britt, like?

“When I saw Britt’s name come up in the advanced tentative schedule, I actually got emotional and teary- eyed, thinking, ‘Aw, Britt’s coming to see me off to prison!’ That’s what actually locked me into the zone for all the prison scenes to come. I guess it’s because I’m such a sentimental person, and my first scenes ever in 2013 were with Kelly, so to go out with a scene with her, was just so perfectly full-circle.”

Can you believe Britt hooked up with Julian?!

“After our scenes, I hugged Kelly and asked if she was done for the day, and she replied that she still had some stuff with Julian. I was like, ‘Julian?! Why?’ And when she told me they were supposed to hook up, I wanted Brad to have one last scene with Julian where he confronts him and goes, ‘Julian! Seriously? What the heck, man?!’ I think the fans would want to see that!”