Quick Take With Jennifer Gareis

What was your reaction to learning that Donna was the reason Eric overcame his ED — and they played the B&B theme song when it first occurred! “I know! I was dying. I had to watch it a few times. It was great. The reason I wanted to watch it was because we did it three different ways, and I was curious to see which way they chose. It went from innocent and sweet to over-the-top sexy, and they picked the one in-between, which I think was a good choice.”

Did you have any apprehension playing it? “I’m a team player so I do what they ask me to do, and it always works out.”

The writers made it look like there could have been a reconciliation between the exes, but it didn’t happen. How was that to play? “It was bittersweet, but as much as Donna had gotten her hopes up, she just wants Eric to be happy, and I really love that about her.”

The confrontation with Quinn was scary, and it harkened back to that fateful Thanksgiving in 2013 where Quinn smashed the picture of Eric and Donna together. “Right. They teased it many years ago and it didn’t continue and now it’s kind of like revisiting it, so we’ll see what happens. There have been a few seeds planted. There should be a tree now, or at least a huge bush giving fruit [laughs].”

Technically, work-wise, Donna could have one heck of a lawsuit on her hands. “Oh, yeah. For sure. But she is taking the high road. Donna is protecting Eric because she loves him. He never fired her. Donna agreed to leave. She’s just trying to keep her head up in a difficult situation, and I think she did a good job. She stopped Eric from doing the unthinkable. She knows he didn’t really think it through. He’s just so bullied by Quinn and once again, Donna protects him from being put in a bad position.”

How will Donna go on not being a part of Forrester Creations after all these years? “It’s going to be tough. She isn’t just losing Eric to Quinn, but she’s losing her best frenemy in Pammy, and seeing her sisters every day. That has become her life, and it’s all taken away because of these two incidents. It’s going to be difficult for Donna.”

Do you think Donna needs to confront Quinn? “Oh, yeah. Let’s get some stunt doubles and get down and dirty!”