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Quick Take With Dominic Zamprogna

Dante has had fraught dealings with the Cassadines in the past, so how does he react to Victor being alive? “He thought Victor was dead six, seven years ago or whenever that was, so his first reaction is that it’s messed up that he’s not! The most surprising thing about Victor, for Dante, is that he seems to really care for Obrecht. That throws everybody for a loop. The actor playing him, Charles [Shaughnessy], is an awesome guy, and it’s so cool working with him. He’s such a class act and a great actor.”

Dante and Jason briefly cross paths in Greece before Dante returns to Port Charles with Sam. How would you describe their dynamic at this point? “It’s kind of interesting. Dante knows that Jason has had a lot going on — an almost marriage to Carly, a sort of on-again, off-again thing with Britt in the meantime, and he and Jason also had that heart-to-heart back in the PCPD, which kind of put them on a bit of a different footing, you know? Which I really like. I thought it was kind of cool that after all those years, there were some things left unsaid between them that they kind of hashed out a little bit, which I think is always good. There has always been a mutual respect between them — outside of when Dante got Michael thrown in prison — and those scenes were great for us to play and great for the characters, because they’re essentially family, even though they’re not related.”

Is Dante at all wary about Sam having lingering feelings for Jason? “What Sam and Dante talked about in the hotel room — their real feelings for each other — is big stuff. It means a lot to him and seemingly to her. I think there’s a feeling of security in what they’re kind of creating together. So the last thing he’s going to do is decide to be untrusting. He believes what they have is something that could continue moving forward regardless of who’s around and I mean, who knows — I’m assuming when Drew gets on the scene, things will get a little more tense, perhaps, but I didn’t feel that that was the focus of those scenes between [Dante, Sam, Britt and Jason]. It was more like, ‘We’re all here for a purpose and we’re kind of ships passing.’ ”

Speaking of Drew, have you gotten to interact with Cameron Mathison (Drew) at all? “I have, actually. We met years ago when we did the ‘What If…’ vignettes [for]. He’s a great dude, man, a super-awesome guy. He’s a really nice energy to have around, very positive, fans love him — and he’s Canadian! He’s from like half an hour away from where I grew up! We Canadians keep crossing paths on GENERAL HOSPITAL.”

What has your working relationship with Kelly Monaco (Sam) been like now that you’ve been working together more closely? “It’s been great. We’ve just become really good friends. We talk all the time and we’re there for each other as people. She’s an extremely good person and getting to know her on the level that I have now has been great. And on top of that, she’s super-talented. I love what she brings to work every day. I’m really proud of the work we’re doing. I know there are hard-core fan bases on both sides of her and I, but I think it’s interesting to build something as characters while at the same time getting to really know the person playing the character. And her mom likes us together, too! So whoever doesn’t can call her mom [laughs].”