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Quick Take With Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R)

Things are going pretty good for Elena. Do you think she wants to marry Devon or is she satisfied with how things are right now? “I think Elena is certainly in love and getting to know another side of her relationship now that she and Devon are working together. I am sure Elena would marry Devon in a heartbeat, but I also know she is juggling her career, being a resident, as well as starting her own clinic, so I am not sure she would have the time for a wedding.”

Devon got his fortune back. How is this good news for Elena? Do you think they could still be happy without the money? “This is good news for Elena because the guilt Devon had about not honoring his grandmother’s wishes would have led him down a dark path. Devon being able to continue doing good for other people is fulfilling, and that’s all Elena wants for him, to be fulfilled. Elena doesn’t really know a life with money anyway; it’s not something she has had long enough to feel unhappy without, and Devon came from having nothing, so I think he would be just fine, too.”

Would you like to see your character working more at the free clinic? What kind of stories do you think could spring from there? “Absolutely! I always wanted Elena to have scenes at the hospital, and the free clinic is even better because she has an emotional investment there. Elena has a habit of getting deeply invested in other people’s problems, so it would be interesting to see her learn a lesson from being too involved with certain patients she feels badly for.”

Has Elena finally learned to trust Amanda? Do you think they could ever become friends? “I think after the group effort to help Jared, Elena has certainly warmed up to Amanda, but I think the fact that she looks exactly like Devon’s deceased wife will always make Elena a bit uneasy. I do think they can become friends. They seem to have [made] a common attempt at peace now that the dust has settled.”

If Elena hadn’t found love with Devon, do you think she would be interested in Nate? “Nate and Elena share their love of medicine and seem to communicate well together. I could definitely see that.”

What does Elena think of Nate and Amanda as a couple? “Elena seems to be their No. 1 supporter. I think Elena can see that Amanda is a good match for Nate, and she really wants him to be happy and find someone better suited [for him] than his last relationship with Abby.”

Would you like to see Elena and Devon get more involved with Jared? “With Jared now working under Elena and Nate at the clinic, I would love Elena to be more of a mentor or mother figure for Jared, a relationship that could possibly blossom into a foster/ adoption scenario. I think this could make for a good reminder and repeat of some of the issues Devon faced when he was first adopted by Neil and Dru as a teenager. Having Devon and Elena deal with parenting issues would also give them a place to grow and learn about each other better, and prepare them for having a baby. Themes of parenting with Jared could also allow Elena to address some of her own issues with her parents, and her father not being around. We also loved working with Michael Maclane [Jared].”