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Quick Take With Avery Pohl

Now that you’ve been playing Esme for a bit, what is your take on her? “I think Esme is a little conceited, and she’s constantly assessing everyone around her. She’s playing a game, honestly. She knows what she wants, and she knows different ways to get what she wants from different people.”

How has it been to work with Nicholas Chavez, who plays Esme’s boyfriend, Spencer? “Nick has been fantastic! We hang out outside of work a little bit, too, and I think that helps aid our performances. We’re constantly FaceTiming and running lines; we’ll grab lunch when we can. Same with Eden [McCoy, Josslyn] and William [Lipton, Cameron] and Sydney [Mikayla, Trina]. We’ve spent a good amount of time working on our characters together, and then also working on them separately, and I think because of the dynamic of Esme and Spencer, we really have to keep some things to ourselves, and pick and choose what we share with each other, what we want each other to know about our characters. He’s such a great actor and it’s been really fun to watch him work, as well.”

And what about Sydney? “Oh, I love Sydney! Such a great person. Everyone on the set is fantastic; I can’t say enough positive things, really. But I was just watching some scenes of Sydney’s the other day on the show and I [messaged] her on Instagram and said, ‘I remember watching these on the monitor in my dressing room and just saying, “Damn!” over and over again.’ She was just nailing it! She’s such a pro and so sweet, very intelligent, very funny. I hate that my character has to be so mean to hers, but at the end of the day, that’s the job!”

If you were a GH viewer, do you think you would be rooting for Spencer and Trina, or Spencer and Esme? “Absolutely Spencer and Trina! No question about it. Spencer needs someone like Trina in his life — although I don’t know if Trina needs someone like Spencer in her life. Their chemistry on screen is fantastic and they’re really fun to watch. We’ll see how it plays out, but I would definitely be Team ‘Sprina’. I don’t know if I’ve ever really seen anyone be Team Esme yet, but as time goes on, I hope I get a couple of people behind me! Spencer and Esme are kind of the conniving couple.”

So, Esme is totally unaware that Trina figured out that she and Spencer are in cahoots and were stalking Nikolas and Ava. Do you think she’s prepared to be busted? “I think that Esme constantly believes that she is one step ahead of everyone, but at the end of the day, believe it or not, she is still human, so there has to be some room for error somewhere!”

Are there people on your wish list to have scenes with? “I would love to have a scene with Laura Wright [Carly]. I think that would be really fun, especially considering Esme’s dynamic with Josslyn. A run-in with Carly would be great. I’d love to work with Rebecca Herbst [Elizabeth]. I think I just want to work with all the moms! One of them is likely to catch on to Esme’s little schemes, I think! So, those two are on the top of my wish list.”