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Quick Take With Aaron D. Spears

Were you surprised to find out about Justin’s power play for Spencer Publications with Bill in prison? “I would say at some point, it was bound to happen. At the end of the day, he’s working for Bill Spencer, and you know how Bill Spencer is. Justin feels overlooked and this is his time, like, he has arrived. This has been simmering for years now. Sitting behind that desk [when Bill was shot in 2018] felt good. When it comes to the future of the company, you see your best friend, your confidant, leaning toward his sons who were not in the picture when Justin first came around. They weren’t in the picture when the company was faltering and Bill needed help and support. Justin was always there, the right-hand man, whenever Bill had to go off and do x, y and z. It makes total sense that he’d want to take charge.”

In past interviews, you’ve likened Bill and Justin to Batman and Robin. How fun is it to finally be Batman? “[Laughs] Anytime you get a chance to really do what you do, man, it’s always fun. When you get the chance to be Batman, and whatever version of Batman that is, it’s fantastic. We’ll see how it unfolds but just the fact that you’re able to put on the suit, it’s like, ‘Man, I’ve been waiting to put this suit on for like 11 years.’ That’s why I came here. I hung in the wings for 11 years and now, all of a sudden, the cage to the suit was left open and I’m like, ‘I’m going to put this suit on!’ I’m having a blast.”

Speaking of cages, keeping Thomas captive was a twist we didn’t see coming. “Right? In the long run, you see the ramifications of that choice. Justin is like, ‘Okay, did I do the right thing? Yes, my feelings were valid but were the actions that I took correct?’ Because now, he has a quote-unquote innocent person entrapped, which wasn’t the plan. Justin’s plan was to take over. Cool. He’s not necessarily trying to be a zookeeper. He just wants his due, and now he is upset at some of the choices he has made.”

Are you worried about repercussions should Justin’s power play fail? “I’ll just say this: Justin is looking to be the full version of who he always thought he could be — with the influence of the person he learned it from. The person he learned this from is ruthless and cut-throat and so if you have the opportunity to be what you can be, and be all that you hoped you could be, you’re going take everything around you that you learned, and then apply it. The outcome isn’t necessarily good or bad, so that’s where it becomes tricky. This is an interesting cocktail that’s been mixed together and now, how do you juggle that cocktail? Do you sip it or do you drink it straight? That’s what we’ll see.”