Quartermania Page 2


1) Dr. Lesley Webber, who got the shock of her life when Monica blurted out during delivery that Lesley’s husband, Rick, was the baby’s father. (It was later proven to be Alan.)
2) Crane Tolliver.
3) Believing that Rick was AJ’s father, Alan rigged the nursery ceiling to collapse on the day of the baby’s christening.
4) Jimmy Lee Holt stole Celia away from Grant. He is Edward’s illegitimate son by Beatrice LeSeur.
5) Tracy refused to give Edward his heart medication until he agreed not to sign a new will disinheriting her. However, Edward was faking the heart attack to test his daughter’s true colors.
6) She discovered that AJ had an odd birthmark, a trait he shared with Alan.

7) Ward, a tennis pro.

8) His affair with Lucy Coe, which Monica read about in The Port Charles Gazette.
9) Pickle-Lila.
10) The SS Tracy.
11) A video bootlegger named Edge bludgeoned Dawn with a lead pipe.

12) Emily’s mother was Page Bowen, who died of breast cancer in 1995.
13) Lois’s favorite: Coney Island.
14) Alan killed Rhonda’s abusive boyfriend, Ray Conway.
15) Raoul, the pup of Quartermaine pooch Annabelle and the Spencer mutt, Foster, who was born in 1995.
16) Bradley Ward, father of Justus Ward.
17) Ned’s father is Lord Larry Ashton; Paul Hornsby sired Dillon.
18) A surgeon, like his mother.

19) Dr. Pierce Dorman. They had an affair that soured.
20)Jane Elliot (Tracy) won the Emmy in 1981 for Outstanding Supporting Actress.


16-20 (+) points: Congratulations! You are Edward’s latest illegitimate offspring.
11-15 points: You have a good Q quotient. You must stay for dinner.
6-10 points: Stick to making rounds at the hospital.
0-5 points: You must be a Spencer.

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