Pratt's AMC Memories

At the ABC Press Tour event, Digest asked former AMC head writer Chuck Pratt — whose new ABC Family series, THE LYING GAME, premieres on August 15 — to share his fondest memory of his time in Pine Valley. "Did I have any fond memories? Just kidding!" he said. "I think my fondest memory was when we did the tornado and we dug through the rubble and instead of finding Kendall, we found Bianca. That was a moment. It was a great moment to be a part of. Our ratings went up, and I was attempting to get a younger audience with the show and it gelled for a while but then it didn't really, in the end, work out. It was sad. I was sad to go, but I left behind a lot of good writers and I think we did a good job, but it's unfortunate how it all turned out." He then added, "My mom still watches the show."

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