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Pop Goes The Question

Ridge and Taylor, 1992
Taylor was smitten with Ridge, but she grew weary of his fixation with ex-flame Brooke, who was now married to his dad, Eric. Taylor suspected that Ridge was using her merely to keep Brooke from leaving her loveless marriage. The frustrated shrink sought respite by jetting off to St. Thomas for a much-needed vacation — alone. Ridge had other plans and tracked down his runaway girlfriend. Taylor was furious at first, but she eventually succumbed to his charms and persistence. B&B went on-location to film this tropical interlude, where Ridge staged a clever treasure hunt for Taylor. The prize? A box containing an engagement ring. Ridge asked Taylor to marry him and she accepted.
Eric and Sally, 1995
Eric was sure that Sally had once again stolen some of his designs, with plans to feature them in an upcoming Spectra fashion show. Eric then began to romance his competitor, hoping Sally would feel too guilty to follow through with her scheme. To bolster the ruse, Eric invited Sally to attend a Forrester fashion show where he publicly proposed to her before the press and his stunned ex-wife, Stephanie. As hoped for, La Spectra quickly ordered the purloined designs pulled. As a gloating Sally showed off the huge diamond ring Eric had given her, Stephanie, who had now been apprised of the charade, took the gleaming piece of jewelry and smashed it into bits with a hammer. A horrified Sally then learned that her rock was a fake — as was Eric’s feelings for her.
Ridge and Taylor (Take Two), 1996
Ridge was set to pop the question to Brooke when he spotted her smooching with Grant. Ridge didn’t know that Brooke was kissing the guy good-bye, but never brought it up with her. Instead, Ridge let the misunderstanding fester until the day of a splashy Forrester fashion show. Brooke expected Ridge to propose during the event, where even his former wife, Taylor, was in attendance. Ridge then paged his ex and asked her to come backstage. When it was time for the show-stopping wedding gown, a shapely model sashayed on the runway. The veil came off to reveal … Taylor. A devastated Brooke watched as Ridge then asked Taylor to be his bride.
Thorne and Macy, 1999
Hoping the third time would be the charm, Thorne decided to ask Macy to be his wife again. During a romantic dinner at Cafe Russe, Thorne arranged to have their waiter plant an engagement ring in one of Macy’s oysters. When the entree arrived, Thorne was mystified when he couldn’t find the bauble — that is, until another diner at a nearby table began choking. Quickly deducing that Macy’s order of oysters went to the wrong person, Thorne applied the Heimlich maneuver and the ring popped out. Thorne presented it, along with his proposal, to Macy and she happily said yes.

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