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PASSIONS Recaps Week of May 23, 2005

Friday, May 27, 2005
Theresa locked herself in her room with baby Jane. Gwen and Pilar looked on as Ethan pounded and pounded on the door and tried to talk some sense into Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald. “No matter what you do, I’m gonna get Jane back,” he told her. “You’re gonna have to kill me first!” Theresa screamed at her. Pilar and Ethan wondered how to get Theresa out of the room, but Gwen had a more practical solution: breaking the door down. “No way, we’ll scare the baby to death,” Ethan countered. Meanwhile, Theresa moved her dresser over to block the door, making it even more difficult for them to get in.

Pilar filled Martin in on what was going on with Theresa. “She has brought this on herself,” Pilar sighed, noting that she understands why the judge thought Theresa was unstable and gave Ethan and Gwen custody of Jane. “At times like this, Theresa needs her father,” she explained. Upstairs, Ethan picked at the lock, but Theresa informed him that she’d barracaded herself in. “Do you really want us to call the police?” Gwen warned, but Ethan refused to let that happen. Instead, he tried to reason with Theresa by bringing up the Bible and King Solomon. “The solution was to cut the baby in half!” Theresa spat. Next it was Martin’s turn to appeal to his daughter, but he didn’t have any luck, either. Nor did Gwen, who asked if they could call a truce.

Tabitha, donning her best flapper wear, told Endora all about her latest plan to break up Luis and Sheridan and how their “smoldering love will go up in smoke.” Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan argued over her belief that Marty is her son; Sheridan told him that the reason they’re having so many problems is because he doesn’t believe in her. “I guess I’ve still got it,” Tabitha said, as she watched the unhappy couple from her magic bowl. Tabby was especially pleased when her Friends In the Basement complimented her work. To celebrate, Tabitha fixed herself a Martimmy and toasted her friend. Later, Tabitha got a message from the late Timmy (in the form of a feather falling from the sky and a spotlight shining), who disapproved of Tabby being pleased about Shuis’s problems. “Don’t blame this mess on me,” Tabby pouted. However, Tim-Tim refused to let “an old witch have a little fun,” and went about breaking her vases and shaking her room like an earthquake had hit. Back in Shuis’s camp, Sheridan heard a baby crying. “Do not say that I am crazy!” she stated.

In Vegas, Ned (donning a robe) and Fancy (wearing a blue cocktail dress) ordered some strawberries and champagne in their hotel room. “Don’t forget the whipped cream,” Ned purred to room service. Meanwhile, the cops got a call from the hotel noting that the kitchen had noticed some weird charges. After dining, Ned got dressed to go out. As he did so, Fancy caught a peek of his tight abs as she looked at his reflection in her compact. En route, they were stopped.

Kay told Sam that she’d tried to prevent Jessica from going to a sleazy club — and that Jess had tossed their dinner at her. Sam wondered why Jessica is so angry with him, but Kay assured him that Jess is the one with the problem. “I think I’ve let all my kids down,” he sighed, citing his busy work schedule as one reason for doing so. “You were a great dad,” Kay praised, making dinner for him. “If anything, I’m the one who should apologize.” Sam then learned that his son, Noah, hasn’t been enrolled at college.

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