Paging...Dr. Kay?

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s Lesli Kay (Felicia) does not plan to give up her day job any time soon, but she may start moonlighting at your doctor’s office in a few years.

“I’d love to go to med school,” Kay reveals. “I have two undergrad degrees, in theater and speech communication, but my dad was a doctor, and I always like being in and around hospitals.”

Last year, after her GENERAL HOSPITAL role (Lois) suddenly wrapped, Kay realized it’s never too late to get into medicine. “I was out of work and trying to figure out what I can do besides work at Denny’s — not that that’s not a great job,” she sets up. “What I found is a physician’s assistant program, so I applied. I got the course and I’m doing it.”

The course is offered online, which means Kay does not have to ditch the idea while working on B&B. “You can do it whenever,” she explains. “It will take three to four years to finish — probably four, if I’m working. So one day, after this gig’s over, I might be your physician’s assistant.”