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OLTL's Sean Ringgold Returns Today!

Sean ringgold bergman

OLTL's Shaun (Sean Ringgold) shows up in Llanview on today's episode, June 20, only to find that his little sister, Destiny, has been raising Drew without any help from Matthew. Being able to come back and mix it up with his former castmates gave both Ringgold and his fans something to cheer about. "It feels really good," Ringgold tells Digest. "A lot of the ONE LIFE TO LIVE cast members are my extended family and I've built relationships outside of the studio. When I saw Kassie [DePaiva, Blair] and Bob Woods [Bo] and Kelley Missal [Dani] and Robin Strasser [Dorian], I was like, 'Oh my God!' And they were so happy to have me back. I saw [Executive Producer] Jen Pepperman and it was kind of like a reunion, taking pictures and throwing them up on Facebook and social media. The fans just ate it up, they loved it. And I love them, so it's really a win-win situation. I'm really happy to be back and be back in the mix with them to some degree, so the fans can be happy because they were definitely haunting me on Facebook and Twitter like you have no idea, asking, 'When will you be back? When will you be back?' I was like, 'Oh, Jesus, please somebody have me come in for one day so I can tell them something,' " he laughs.