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New Year, New You: Aaron D. Spears

What is your general approach to nutrition? “You are what you eat. We are very complex beings. if only we cherished that sentiment, amazing things can be accomplished.”

What kind of meal plan do you follow? “I’m vegan. No dairy. No meat. No seafood. Plant-based diet only. In 1989, I stopped eating red meat and pork. In 1996, I stopped eating chicken and turkey. In 2018, I stopped eating seafood and dairy.”

What would be your advice for someone looking to adopt healthier eating habits in 2023? “Start slow. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet, or ‘I’m gonna do X, Y, Z until I reach a certain weight.’ Make changes slowly and gradually and stick to it. If you fall off the horse, get back on it, the next day or the day after. There are seven days in a week. Find a way to work out at least four out of the seven days and be consistent with it.”

Describe your fitness routine. “One day, [I do] cardio, chest, triceps, some abs/obliques; next day, cardio, back, biceps, and some abs/obliques, next day, cardio, legs/calves, shoulders and some abs/obliques. Next day, 30 minutes of cardio, full ab/oblique workout, forearms and traps. Next day, rest. Four days on, 1 day off. Rinse, repeat!”

What is your best advice for someone who is just getting started with working out? “Stop looking for an easy way out. It’s been the same thing forever. Eat right and work out. Same plan. It’s never changed. Stop expecting something for doing nothing. Stop looking for some magic pill to do all the work. Get up and get to it … period!

When it comes to working out, do you ever struggle with motivation and how do you overcome it? “The struggle is always real. We are human. Find some discipline in your life. A healthy life is worth living for.”

Have you ever struggled with your own weight? Being on TV is difficult in that respect. “We all do, hence why I intermittent fast. I love food and love to have a good time. The only way I’ve found to have the best of both worlds is to be a vegan and intermittent fast. Gotta try new things to fit the way you want to look and the sacrifice that goes with it.”

How do you eat healthy on the road, on location, or in restaurants? “Discipline. Somehow, some way, exercise some self-control. We all slip up but don’t just fall off forever. Snap out of it! If you slip up, enjoy it and get back at it the next day. Don’t guilt-trip yourself. Incorporate a cheat day, not a cheat week.”

Aaron’s Top Three Tips:

•“I do intermittent fasting until 4 p.m. Eat until 10p.m. Nothing again until 4 p.m. the next day.”

•Start and be consistent. You can do it. If you don’t believe in you, why should anyone else?”

•“You’re not alone. It’s hard for everyone but the ones who make the sacrifice and work the hardest worth it, always win out.