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New Soap Debuts On LOGO TV’s Digital Platforms

MÉLANGE, a decadent, soapy new drama loaded with soap faves, premiered on LOGO TV’s digital platforms yesterday. It features an all-star cast led by Morgan Fairchild (ex-Anjelica, DAYS et al), and featuring soap favorites Robert Newman (ex-Josh. GUIDING LIGHT), Darnell Williams (ex-Jesse, ALL MY CHILDREN), Ilene Kristen (ex-Roxy, ONE LIFE TO LIVE et al), Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr, ONE LIFE TO LIVE et al), Jessica Leccia (ex-Natalia, GUIDING LIGHT), David Gregory (ex-Ford, OLTL), Dina DeGarmo (ex-Angelina, Y&R) and Scott Evans (ex-Fish, OLTL). The series is  directed by Emmy Winning One Life to Live director Gary Donatelli, and ceated and produced by award-winning theater producer, and soap super-fan, Tom D’Angora. “The world needs a show like MÉLANGE  now more than ever,” says Tom D’Angora. “It is my hope that this delicious cast, led by the iconic Morgan Fairchild reading everyone in her path while plotting a hostile takeover, will allow people to escape reality, if only for a moment or two.” Watch on YouTube


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