Tune-In Alert!

May Sweeps Preview


“May holds another jaw-dropping surprise for the Forresters, Logans, Spencers and our viewers,” teases Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell. “Be sure to tune in every day to see the shocking twist that no one saw coming.”

Vinny’s Death: “May 2021 takes us deeper into the aftermath of the death of Vinny and ensuing cover-up. Liam’s guilt takes on a tornado-like force as he continues to spiral downward, all while attempting to remain normal during his much-desired reconciliation with Hope. Meanwhile, Dollar Bill takes his credo of ‘Protect the family at all costs’ to an all-new high. Thomas makes two vows in May: one, to be there for Hope no matter what she needs; and two, to find Vinny’s killer and see that justice is served. Expect the unexpected as this super-hot story unfolds.”

Zoe/Carter/Paris/Zende: “Zoe has finally come to see how profoundly she hurt Carter. She enlists the help of Paris, Ridge, Carter and even Quinn to help win back the man she loves. But getting back into Carter’s good graces and his bed may be more challenging than she could ever have imagined. And now that she’s seemingly Quinn’s BFF, anything is possible. Zoe also gives Paris her blessing to be with Zende.”

Quinn/Eric: “Quinn and Eric just haven’t had the passion in their relationship that they’ve had in the past. The love is there, and he’s forgiven her, but Eric just can’t seem to trust his beautiful and talented wife. If things go according to Quinn’s plan, her portrait will remain above the mantel at the mansion, and she will remain Mrs. Eric Forrester forever. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans….”

Steffy/Finn: “Steffy and Finn prepare for the birth of their baby, and in late May you’ll see them return in full force.”


Head Writer Ron Carlivati gives the scoop on what’s shaking in Salem.

Belle/Shawn/John/Marlena/Jan: “Jan’s plan has worked out fairly perfectly for her, and her frame-up job of Belle has succeeded and Belle has been arrested. Shawn works with Belle and they try to figure out who did it, and soon, they are hot on Jan’s trail. We’ve seen Jan take desperate action when the walls close in on her. Jan seizes a hostage and inadvertently ends up with two. John and Marlena will be heavily involved in trying to clear Belle.”

Ben/Claire: “Ben is completely devastated after Ciara leaves town with Theo, and he is pretty broken and alone. He and Claire have bonded and confided in each other over the past few months, and Claire is there for him when Ciara leaves. Will that comfort lead to anything romantic between these two? I think the audience knows the endgame is Ben and Ciara. Obviously, if Ben turns to Claire, that will be a complication and I don’t want to say too much about whether they’re going to act on this or not. You will have to wait and see and have a little faith in your favorite couple.”

Kristen/Brady: “Jan is not the only one whose plans are going awry; the walls are closing in on Kristen, too. She turns to an old co-conspirator to help her cover up her secret and that’s Xander. She tries to employ him as a weapon to conceal her secret but ultimately, Brady is going to uncover the switcheroo.”

Sami/Lucas/Chloe: “When Chloe is a little bit disbelieving that he’s suddenly into her again, Lucas blurts out that he’s dying of a brain tumor and wants to spend what little time he has left with Chloe. Of course, that becomes a whole caper, and Lucas is scrambling to cover up. So Lucas turns to Sami and she pulls something out of her bag of tricks. Out of this whole mess, Sami and Lucas end up in a life-or-death situation and they think this could be the end for them and sparks begin to fly.”

Kate/Jake/Gabi: “Through her deal with Vivian, Kristen has to break up Kate and Jake, so she goes to her closet of masks and pulls out the Kate mask and thinks, ‘This is going to be simple. I’ll do the exact same thing I did to Sarah and Xander.’ But it becomes more complicated and doesn’t go like clockwork. It hits a roadblock when the real Kate shows up. When Kristen as Kate dumps Jake, it may lead to him reconnecting with Gabi, something the audience is waiting for.”

Rafe/Ava/Nicole: “Rafe and Ava are growing closer, and we see that it has gotten under Nicole’s skin. Nicole has feelings of jealousy that are unsettling to her and she shouldn’t be having because she is married. And then Nicole gets some upsetting news from Eric and she does something very self-destructive, something the ‘old’ Nicole would do.”

Gwen/Abigail/Chad: “As we get into May, Gwen is feeling some kind of a pang that something might be wrong with the baby. At the same time, Abigail and Chad are trying to come to a place where she can accept that Gwen is having Chad’s child. And these two parallel tracks are going to run into each other. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s going to have tragic consequences for all involved.”

Xander: “Fresh off a divorce from Chanel, Xander uses some information he has to blackmail his way into a new job. It’s a new environment for him that will put him up against some people he has clashed with in the past.”

Chanel/Eli/Lani: “Eli and Lani help Chanel navigate out of the Xander situation, so Chanel asks Lani and Eli if she can stay with them until she figures out what to do next. But of course, they’re in close quarters already with the twins, so you throw a little Chanel into the mix and it kind of turns Lani and Eli’s lives upside down.”

Allie/Chanel/Tripp: “Allie and Chanel used to go clubbing together in London, so the girls will reconnect and via Chanel, we see the fun-loving side of Allie. There is something that happens during their reunion that comes out of left field a little and it’s a surprise and it does throw Tripp for a loop.”


Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor outline what’s on the horizon in Port Charles.

Nina/“Mike”: “Sonny and Nina are growing closer, which further complicates Nina’s original vision for her revenge plan. The stakes grow even higher when Jax and other elements of her old life in Port Charles start colliding with her new one in Nixon Falls.”

Carly: “Carly is determined to help Jason escape not just from Pentonville, but from Cyrus’s clutches, and she enlists Britt in her plan to make this happen. The clock is ticking because the big meeting with the Five Families is approaching and it’s expected that Jason will need to step in and sit at the head of the table for the first time. [While] Jason and Britt are on the run, Carly has a choice to make about Sonny’s businesses and who, ultimately, should sit at the head of the table and wield the power that comes along with it.”

Sam/Dante: “Sam and Dante find themselves at opposite ends of an investigation regarding Jason. This could bring them closer together or split this budding friendship apart.”

Chase’s Poisoning: “Chase’s life continues to hang in the balance with only Anna, Finn and Valentin knowing that Peter is behind it. Elizabeth, however, comes to realize that something more is going on here. She is asking questions and getting the runaround from all of them. Will her curiosity ultimately lead her to the truth about who really killed her husband?”

Peter: “Fans who are anxious for Peter’s villainy to be stopped will want to watch closely in May, because there are any number of people who are willing to go to the ultimate lengths to do just that.”

Anna/Finn: “Their relationship has taken a real beating, but that does not mean that Anna will go without romance moving forward. Chase and Jackie now believe that Finn is his father, though the audience is aware it may not be as simple as that. Chase’s health crisis may force the family to put aside their differences and may ultimately shed some light on the lingering questions the audience may have.”

Laura: “Laura has decided that enough is enough; she is done with Cyrus’s influence not only over the hospital, but Port Charles. She and the PCPD are starting to put their heads together to find and exploit his weaknesses.”

Alexis: “Alexis is in prison, but she is not alone. She is searching for a way to rediscover the woman that she really is.”

Roger Howarth’s Return: “Roger Howarth [ex-Franco] will make an extremely memorable debut; he will bare his face and perhaps more when he returns in May.”

Maxie/Brook Lynn: “Maxie and Brook Lynn enter into a bargain that each hopes will yield results for each of them. While they are work- ing to outmaneuver Peter, Peter has a plan of his own, and Maxie and Brook Lynn may find that the old adage about the best-laid plans proves true.”

The Quartermaines: “This family will experience some major shake-ups in the months ahead.”

Ava/Nikolas: “Ava and Nikolas are planning to renew their vows in a fashion more befitting them now that they have admitted their true love for one another. But someone out there is displeased with the direction that their relationship is taking and is sending them signals that they may be better off breaking up.”

Curtis/Jordan/Portia: “Curtis and Portia draw closer, but is either one of them willing to make the first move, and is Jordan as ready to give up on her marriage as she once thought?”

Shawn: “There is unfinished business regard- ing why Shawn is behind bars and he is going to make a connection with somebody from his past that will ultimately lead him on a quest to clear his name.”

Chase/Willow/Michael: “Michael and Willow make the mutual decision to put their romance on hold until Chase recovers from his illness. But will Chase recover at all? That’s an open question.”

Brando/Sasha: “Brando and Sasha grow closer, much to Gladys’s chagrin, but their one-night stand may prove the undoing for them both. Cyrus’s jealousy could prove to be a major complication for the new lovers.”

The Teens: “Cameron and Josslyn have a long way to go if they are going to repair their relationship in the wake of Franco’s murder and Jason’s fugitive status. Trina finds herself in the middle of the ultimate showdown between two powerful forces in Port Charles.”

Sean Donely Tribute: “We are honoring [the late] John Reilly’s contribution to the history and tapestry of GENERAL HOSPITAL with an episode that will focus on [Sean’s] life and the lives of the people who loved him.”


Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith details the drama in Genoa City.

Chelsea/Adam/Chloe: “Adam is still on the run and Victor will go to great lengths to clear Adam’s name and prove his innocence. Victor is also hot on Chelsea’s trail to expose her plot to frame Adam, forcing Chelsea to make a bold move to get the upper hand over the Newmans once and for all, while Chloe may find herself in hot water for being Chelsea’s partner in crime.”

The Newmans/Faith: “The Newmans will face a dire medical crisis with Faith. Victor will go to great lengths to help his granddaughter, while Nikki will do her best to manage the emotions of the family when Faith’s issue causes major conflict for Nick and Sharon. Nick will find himself in a terrible predicament of putting his feelings aside and doing what’s best for Faith.”

Amanda/Devon: “Amanda will second-guess her new relationship with her family when she uncovers a secret from their past that hits close to home. Devon will do his best to support Amanda while he embarks on a new business venture to honor his family’s legacy.”

Adam/Sharon/Rey: “Sharon and Rey’s marriage hits its breaking point. They will put all the cards on the table as Rey confronts Sharon about her feelings for Adam. Sharon and Rey will dissect their relationship as they figure out if they are able to save their marriage.”

Summer/Kyle/Sally: “Sally’s world imploded when her past sins came to light. As she tries to seek Jack’s forgiveness, her vendetta with Summer and Kyle takes a dangerous turn, hitting their relationship where it hurts. The Lockes return to town to settle unfinished business in Genoa City. Jack and Phyllis will go on high alert and will have very different methods to protect their children. Nick worries that history will repeat itself and Summer will once again be hurt by Kyle’s indiscretion.”

Elena/Nate: “Elena and Nate shared a strong bond before their relationship took a romantic turn. We will see them navigate their renewed friendship despite their lingering romantic feelings.”

Lily/Billy: “Lily and Billy discover they may not be on the same page on where their relationship is headed. However, they both agree on taking on any competition that comes ChanceComm’s way.”

Victoria: “Victoria’s mission to make Newman Enterprises stronger and more successful than ever leads her to spending time with a new business colleague that will raise a few eyebrows.”

Abby/Chance/Mariah: “Mariah adjusts to her pregnancy and Abby’s overprotective nature, as Abby gives Mariah all her attention and struggles with Chance’s absence.”