Lulu's Guilt-fueled Choice To Back Dante

Lulu made the decision to stand by her man when Dante told the truth about Michael killing Claudia. As Michael’s mother, Carly saw that as Lulu choosing her lover over her family. Julie Marie Berman explains how Lulu’s guilty conscience played a key role in her choice. Soap Opera Weekly: Carly is looking at this strictly as Dante is the guy who locked up her son, right?

Julie Marie Berman: Right. And I think Lulu feels like she’s cornered a bit. She can see why Carly would feel that way. But I also think it’s frustrating that Carly doesn’t have an open mind to what Lulu has done and why she may have done it, [or] trust that Lulu’s motives are coming from a good place — where she wants to help — not coming from a place where she’s trying to hurt anyone. So Lulu is really having a hard time not provoking Carly any further, but at the same time standing her ground with the decision that she made with Dante and his choices.

Weekly: Is Lulu just saying that she’s in love with Dante, no matter what he does?

Berman: Well, no. Michael wanted to confess. He wanted to tell the truth, because he didn’t want someone taking the blame for his actions. Lulu can relate to that with her past — killing Logan and watching her boyfriend take the fall. She had wanted to come clean, as well. So I think that she supports people owning their actions. And, at the same time, Dante decided to follow the law and put the person responsible for the crime in front of a judge. He did think that ultimately Michael would not be punished severely, because it was clearly a self-defense scenario. The two believed that it was the best choice to make, and that’s why she supports him. She genuinely believed in his motives. It’s not just that she supports him because he’s her boyfriend.