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Luck o' the (Faux) Irish: Erin Chambers

Erin Chambers (Siobhan) is not an Irish femme fatale, but she plays one on GENERAL HOSPITAL.Soap Opera Weekly: Tell us how you landed this role.

Erin Chambers: I auditioned for it. I’m a working actress, so I audition for lots of different things. I’m not really Irish, but there were a lot of Irish girls in the room, so I was like, “Oh, boy, this is so not gonna go my way!” When I was in college [at Brigham Young], I took a dialects class, and I’m pretty familiar with the dialect, so I just did it as I knew how to do it. A couple of hours later, I got the call that I got the job.

Weekly: Is the job everything you hoped it would be?

Chambers: I’m having a great time. I’m having a lot of fun with the part, and it’s fun to be able to do an accent that you don’t normally get to do very often.

Weekly: So you don’t get cast in a lot of Irish roles?

Chambers: No, I don’t really get to audition to play Irish girls with an Irish accent very often. Most of the roles I play are American girls. I did play an Irish girl in college. That was the first time I ever used the Irish accent.

Weekly: This is not your first foray into soaps. You did a few episodes of DAYS OF OUR LIVES back in 2008.

Chambers: I would say it’s really different, just because at DAYS, it was only two or three days of shooting. I think I did three episodes. I wasn’t a love interest. This part is a much bigger role, and it’s meatier. DAYS was really fun. I got to play a psycho babysitter — and who doesn’t like to play a psycho babysitter [laughs]?

Weekly: Have you had a chance to talk to Brianna Brown, who’s playing a psycho nurse?

Chambers: I’ve chatted with her, but not about playing a psycho. She’s really sweet. I think she does “psycho” very well. She’s very convincing.

Weekly: What’s the key to playing a convincing psycho character?

Chambers: What I did with the character on DAYS — she came across as a psycho babysitter, but there’s a lot of real motivation and humanity attached to why she was doing the things that she was doing. My character was in an extreme amount of debt, so she needed to keep the job she had with the Carvers. I think a lot of people come across as super-psycho-crazy, but they’ve got some real motivation behind what they’re doing. They’re just not handling it the best way.