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Lucas Adams On His DAYS Exit

Lucas Adams is out as Tripp, marking the second time he’s been written off of DAYS, which makes the move a lot easier. “I was definitely more prepared for it,” admits the actor, noting that the news both “surprised” and “didn’t surprise” him at the same time.

“I didn’t know where my character was going, especially when [the Allie/Tripp/Chanel triangle] was over,” Adams explains. “And Tripp was mostly the third wheel, so it totally made sense story-line-wise. But it did surprise me, because we just had that whole storyline of Tripp dying and being brought back [to life]. I guess Tripp is not someone who sticks around all the time. He needs to stretch his wings every now and then.”

Fortunately for Adams and viewers, he’ll get to do just that in the upcoming Peacock special, DAYS: BEYOND SALEM. The actor was approached about participating in the spin-off shortly after wrapping things up on the main soap. “That was a big surprise. I hadn’t even thought about it,” says Adams. “It was only a couple of months after I ended DAYS, so it was like I never really left. I was really excited, because I love everybody there. I was pumped to get to come back.”

Yet the experience was somewhat different. “Peacock is so much bigger, and there’s a lot of stuff going on,” notes Adams, who was particularly impressed by the larger and more elaborate sets. “It’s a whole new ballgame, and it was really fun.”

Reflecting back on his DAYS run, Adams enjoyed his role in the Allie/Chanel/Tripp triangle, despite having it end with his character being the odd man out. “It’s something that has happened to Tripp a lot and he’s getting used to, or at least I am,” contends Adams with a laugh. “That’s just Tripp’s life. I think he realizes he shouldn’t accept that and it’s one of the reasons he’s leaving.”

Part of the story’s appeal was working with Lindsay Arnold (Allie) and Raven Bowens (Chanel). “It was so much fun to bounce off the two of them, and we had great chemistry,” he says, adding that it was also a relatable plot. “Everybody’s been through relationship ups and downs. I had a relationship that was similar to that at one point in my life. It was [a girlfriend] liking another guy kind of thing, but it was the same story.”

Adams is thankful that Tripp got to go out the hero, thanks to his character jumping out St. Luke’s window to save Allie. “In full Exorcist [mode],” he quips. “I was totally excited. I wish they would have actually let me jump out the window, but that was a no-go, although I did my best selling it. They did an amazing job and it looked awesome.” As for getting to briefly play Satan, Adams shares, “I was also excited to put the contacts in. I had such a blast. I wanted to be the devil for so much longer.”

Since leaving DAYS, Adams has been keeping busy. “I’ve been auditioning as much as I can, and Shelby [Wulfert] and I have been planning our wedding,” reports the actor. “That’s been taking up a lot of our time. It will be October 15, which is coming up pretty soon, and in Texas. She already has her dress. We’re figuring out everything that’s going on. We’re doing a very small, micro wedding with just our family and stuff. Very intimate-style.

“Other than that, my best friend [Joey Bragg] and I have been writing a comic book for the last year-and-a-half,” he continues. “We started during quarantine. We’re working on getting that off the ground.”

Although he’s not currently in Salem, Adams hasn’t lost touch with his co-stars. In fact, he keeps in touch with most of them. “I still hang out with Lindsay and Raven,” he says. “When Lindsay got nominated [for an Emmy], we all went out and had a meal. Victoria [Konefal, Ciara] was there.”

And during his last episodes on the soap, Adams received lots of encouragement from veteran castmates Tamara Braun (Ava), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Stephen Nichols (Steve). “They were like, ‘You didn’t die. You’ll be back.’ They’ve been in the ballgame a long time. They’ve seen people come and go. They’ve come and went. They know how it works. They kept telling me I’d be back or would be too busy to come back. I hope so.”