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Lifestyle Tips From Kelly Kruger (ex-Eva, B&B)

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Travel Essentials!

Summer is here, and for a lot of you that means vacation!

I absolutely love to travel, but one of my least-favorite things in the world is packing. I get so frustrated with what to bring, and depending on where I’m going, if I forget something it may be hard to buy. I definitely love to have all my products with me, especially since my skin is so sensitive. I need to make sure that I’m not changing anything up. As it is, with the plane air quality and change in climate, chances are your skin may react. I wanted to try to help make your lives easier by putting together a travel beauty essentials checklist!

Here is mine.

Face wash: My all- time favorite wash is IS Clinical Cleansing Complex and I found this adorable mini one perfect for travel.

Moisturizer: I am loving this Embryolisse moisturizer right now for daytime. It acts as a moisturizer and a makeup primer, so you don’t have to pack a primer!

Sunscreen: My favorite is Control Corrective Oil-free SPF 30.

Makeup: This is vacation! Don’t spend too much time getting done up. Stick to your basics — concealer, bronzer, blush and mascara.

Mini razor: Let’s face it: You do not want to forget your razor, and a regular one can take up a lot of room. Venus came out with this Snap razor that is a normal size blade, but the handle is an itty-bitty thing!

Liquid soap: This may not apply to you, but I am super-allergic to fragrance. Most hotel soaps have heavy perfume in them. I always bring a little liquid soap with me just in case!

Lysol spray and alcohol swabs: I never leave home without these! One of the first things I do when I get to a hotel room is spray everything down! Have you ever seen a 20/20 episode about what’s really in your hotel rooms? Just trust me on this one.

Mini Clarisonic cleansing brush: I want to keep up with my skincare regimen, but don’t have the space in my luggage to bring it all. Having mini versions of your favorite things makes life so much easier.

Dry Bar travel dryer: This has the same power as a normal- size dryer, but it folds up and is much smaller. I don’t know about you, but those hotel dryers make my hair frizzy. If you’re going to be laying on a beach somewhere, skip this one because you will have the ultimate beach hair, and who needs a dryer?

Protein bars: I know this sounds crazy, but I always travel with protein bars. It’s important for me to eat often, and sometimes a healthy snack is just not available, especially on an airplane. So I always have a bunch of these on hand.