Lamon Archey Makes DAYS Debut

Credit: JPI

Today marks the first episode on DAYS for Lamon Archey (ex-Mason, Y&R), who plays Valerie’s son, Eli. “It’s taken forever!” says the actor of waiting for his debut. “Like, ‘Let’s get this show on the road!’ I’ve been here near six months. It’s time to get the party going! I’m ready.” Archey recalls his first day vividly. “I was shaking in my boots. I was really nervous,” he admits. “Now I’m much more comfortable and much more comfortable with the character. I understand a lot more about Eli, and I’m able to shape him in certain ways that blend with me, as well. So I’m much more comfortable than I was then and having a lot more fun.” Be sure to tune in for the kickoff of this story, which will rock the Horton clan, especially Julie.