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Kyle Lowder On His DAYS Return

Rex pops up again on DAYS, and his portrayer, Kyle Lowder, couldn’t be happier. “Anytime I get a phone call that I can return to Salem, I’m just thrilled,” he relays. “I was looking forward to putting Rex’s wardrobe back on and getting back to Salem and seeing all the people that I love working with and doing it again.”

It was the actor’s first time back to set since the Covid pandemic began. “I think, first and foremost, it’s been the longest I’ve ever gone without working as an adult,” he notes. “I thought, ‘The second I go back to work, I’m going to be the most grateful person,’ and that’s exactly what happened. So as I’m driving to the studio, at like 4:45 in the morning, I was so consumed with gratitude. But I was going that early because you have to get tested every morning when you go there and it takes at least two hours to get the results. So when you would normally have a 7 a.m. call time, you have to be there at 5. But I didn’t care. I was happy to have a call time and be back on set again because the entertainment business had been shut down for so long.”

Lowder did get a different vibe once he arrived. “I used to have my system when I was there: Show up, go to the makeup room and say good morning to everybody, have some coffee, go to my room, run lines with my scene partners, get familiar with the set, have dry block and rehearsal on the set, and none of that is happening,” he shares. “And rightfully so. You get to work, you get tested, you go right to your room and you’re in your room until you get a call from hair and makeup to come in. So a place that has always been communal has gotten kind of quiet because of the state of things.”

He was able to connect with some of his former co-stars, however. “You don’t really see anybody you don’t have scenes with,” he explains. “The only people I saw are the people I worked with, meaning Linsey [Godfrey, Sarah], Paul Telfer [Xander], Nadia [Bjorlin, Chloe], Eric Martsolf [Brady], Lauren Koslow [Kate] and Josh Taylor [Roman]. I ran into Galen [Gering, Rafe] in the testing line, so I caught up with him for a bit. It’s funny, [ex-wife] Ari [Zucker, Nicole] and I were working at the same time and never saw each other. Usually when she’s there and I am, too, I’ll hang out in her room and catch up about our daughter and things like that, but we literally could not see each other. So she was like three dressing room doors down and I was like, ‘Hey, Ari!’ and she was like, ‘Hi, Kyle!’ I looked down the call sheet and I saw that Jay Johnson [Philip] was there and I thought, ‘I haven’t seen Jay, realistically, in 16 years,’ but I never saw him. There were also some directors and crew people and other actors I wanted to see, but it’s not that same vibe right now.”

Nevertheless, he had a great time. “I loved it,” Lowder raves. “Anytime the DAYS OF OUR LIVES phone rings, I’m there. I’m grateful for the time I was given this time around.”