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Kimberly J. Brown On Her GH Gig

Kimberly J. Brown, best known to daytime fans for her 1993-98 and 2006 stints as GUIDING LIGHT’s Marah Lewis, is thrilled to have landed on GH as the decoy nurse Peter hires to keep tabs on Maxie (and worse).

“I’m so excited!” she beams. “I started acting when I was like 5 or 6 and being on GUIDING LIGHT was such a highlight for me. It was just such a huge family.” And in a fun twist, two of her former Springfield kin are now Port Charles residents themselves. “Cynthia Watros [Nina; ex-Annie, GL] was my stepmom for a bit, and Laura Wright [Carly; ex-Cassie, GL] played my aunt,” she notes. “It’s such a small, cool world! I’ve kept in touch with both of them over the years, and Cynthia and I actually had lunch about four years ago and caught up. It’s always so fun when the business and life come full circle like this.”

When Brown originally read for the role of Faux Chloe, “I wasn’t told a ton about her, but it seemed like a really fun character. Two days later, they offered me the part. I haven’t done a soap since GUIDING LIGHT, so I’m just thrilled to be doing something in daytime again. It feels like going back to something that holds a special place in my heart, and to get to do it as an adult. It’s a different experience as an adult, but it gives you that nostalgia and all the great memories of when I was a kid.”

The actress was tickled to find out that her character was up to no good and in cahoots with Peter. “I love that she has that nice nurse side and also has a very dark side. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before, so it’s exciting to do something completely new as an actor.” Even more exciting is getting to share scenes with Kirsten Storms (Maxie). “I love her,” Brown says. “She and I have kind of grown up in the business and knew each other because we were on the Disney Channel at the same time, and we were part of that OG, ’90s [Disney Channel Original Movies] era, her with the ZENON movies and me with the HALLOWEENTOWN movies. I don’t think I had seen her in person since we were, like, 17 years old at a Disney event in New York. It was icing on the cake to be able to work with her because we’ve never gotten that chance, and it’s always nice to walk into a job knowing someone and having a little bit of familiarity. She is so great! I feel like we found a rhythm right away. It was like working with a friend and it was a lot of fun getting to play such an interesting dynamic.”

Working with Wes Ramsey (Peter) was equally delightful. “He is awesome!” Brown enthuses. “He was so sweet and I think the whole personal connection with him and Laura [his real-life girlfriend] is so cool. He was on GUIDING LIGHT [ex-Sam], too, so it was cool to meet someone else who is part of that family and to be a little dark with him []. He plays that so well and he is so the antithesis of Peter in real life that it was fun to join him on the dark side in our scenes. I just can’t stress enough how professional and amazing everyone is at the show and it was so great to just jump right in. It’s exciting as an actor to do so much in a day! It’s been incredible.”