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Kassie DePaiva Dishes DAYS Return

Credit: JPI

In the new issue of Digest, Kassie DePaiva previews Eve’s shocking return to Salem, which happened at the end of today’s show. “Eve comes in with her guns loaded, as well as her pocketbook,” smiles DePaiva, who was scheduled to return last year, when she suddenly received a leukemia diagnosis. While DePaiva focused on her health, she shares, “I had to let the show know, and  [Executive Producer] Ken Corday and [Co-Executive Producer] were so lovely. They said, ‘When you get a clean bill of health, you’re always part of the DAYS family.’ I had that ordeal, and then all was good. I sent them a letter, and had my agent reach out to them and say, ‘Her hair’s a little short, but she’s ready to go.’ ” To read more pick up the latest issue of Digest