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Joshua Morrow shares his fitness and nutrition tips

How has getting older changed your perspective on fitness? “I’ll be 48 soon and I noticed that last year, I saw a huge drop in my speed and agility. It was hard for me to deal with from an emotional standpoint. Because of my ego and self-confidence, it was difficult to accept. I’m several steps slower, but I continue to work out every day. I’m stronger than I ever was even when I was at my peak in my mid-20s.”

What does your workout routine consist of? “I simply rotate body parts. Some days are more designed for strength-building with a heavy lift, others with a high rep for toning and more of a high heart rate-based focus. So, I lift heavy for chest and back on Mondays, it’s heavy on legs on Tuesdays, followed by abs and attack bike, shoulders on Wednesday, followed by agility circuit, then arms on Thursday, followed with an ab circuit. Then it’s high rep legs again on Friday, and high rep chest and back on Saturday.”

What’s a normal day of eating for you? “For me, it’s not about what I eat, but what I don’t eat. In the last five years, my New Year’s resolution is always about cutting something out. This past year, I cut out mayonnaise, which was really tough to give up. I’m trying to limit my dairy and red meat as much as possible. The one thing I’m nervous about, because I’m still wrapping my head around it, is giving up cheese for 2022.”

Do you take any vitamins or supplements? “No vitamins but I take a ton of supplements. A buddy of mine owns a company called JYM Supplement Science [] and I’m a true disciple because I can’t deny the results.”

Joshua’s Top Three Tips

“Don’t cut too much out of your diet because that basically takes the joy out of eating and you’ll feel deprived. I’ll never be super-ripped again and I’m okay with that because I’m still having cocktails or a couple of cookies after dinner.”

“Go outside! I still play soccer a couple of times a week as well as beach volleyball and golf. Even at my advanced age, I’m still playing sports with guys who are in their 20s and 30s and I’m holding my own. Being outside gives you a great overall attitude.”

“Work out with friends. I’ve got a great group of workout dudes and I’ve never worked out as hard as I’m doing now. I used to relish working out by myself, but I really got into a whole new groove with these three dudes. I’m so appreciative of these guys and we’re like a little family. We’re getting results and it’s good. We have friendly competitiveness and dumb conversations that range from movies to kids to nannies, and the whole time we’re in there grinding.”