Jennifer Gareis dishes about her personal style

n What is your hair routine? “When I’m not working, less is best because getting your hair blown out every day, getting makeup on every day [can be damaging]. So if I have a day off, I take advantage of it. Milbon is my new hair product that I’m using and it just makes your hair so incredibly soft. I do a treatment every third wash. You can imagine the abuse our hair gets here at the studio, getting dried and curled on a daily basis.”

How do you typically style your hair after you get out of the shower? “I will use hair products that are nourishing, and then I let dry naturally. I’ve also got a flat iron and if we are going out, I [might use it] but for the most part, I try and avoid that.”

What cosmetics do you have stashed in your purse? “It’s a gloss that is a little bit of a lip plumper, which we all need at this age, of course. It’s by Buxom.”

Have you picked up any makeup tips from your show’s beauty team? “Yes, I’ve picked up all kinds of tips about doing my eye shadow from the amazing [Makeup Artist] Chris Lai-Johnson. She is incredible. She even went so far as to do a drawing with step-by-steps: Always start with your highlighter, all of your entire eye, and then we contour with these colors here and there, we’ll do a soft brown for the liner and don’t smudge that. She has definitely helped me.”

Where do you shop for makeup? “I’ve got a place called Detox Market
[]. They use all natural [ingredients], no chemicals. They have a whole line of different products, as well. Makeup, hair, skin care, you name it.”

What about skin care products? “Shiseido.
It’s all clean and has good, healthy ingredients for you to rejuvenate you skin. I try not to do anything to my face or my hair because they need a break. And now that I’m in all these prosthetics, that takes a toll on your skin, as well, so I rehydrate everything on my days off.”

What item in your wardrobe is the most “you”? “Denim, denim and denim. I love my denim shirt and rolling up the sleeves. I also love my crisp white blouses that have the extra starch on the cuffs and the collar. That’s nice and sleek. Katherine Kelly Lang [Brooke] has given me a couple of her kaftans and I am loving those.”