ICYMI - Why Everyone Loves Bill Hayes


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Happy Birthday To Bill Hayes (Doug, DAYS)!

Here, his co-workers weigh in on what makes him so great. 


Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie)

“The skin-deep beauty you admire covers a lively spirit and a wonderous soul. Gentle father, steadfast husband, cheerful friend and romantic lover. And when he sings, the whole world seems to rock. His love is as warming as the rising sun and his talent as magnetic as the moon. I have been swept up in his tides for most of my life — lucky girl.”



My One And Only: The Hayeses’ marriage is going strong 44 years after tying the knot. 


Kassie DePaiva (Eve)

“Bill is one of the kindest, most generous actors I’ve ever worked with. What a talent! What a legend!”


Lamon Archey (Eli) 

“I love Bill Hayes because he’s always positive! His smile is contagious and he can make a day on set enjoyable for anyone from the time you check in to the time you check out.”


Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire)

“Everyone knows that Bill Hayes lights up a room wherever he goes. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with a more positive attitude. He’s hilarious, warm-hearted, insanely talented and always fun to be around! Bill and Susan are both iconic class acts with great personalities; they are so much of the reason that the DAYS family is the way it is. There’s also so much to be gained from being around them, especially for younger actors like myself. They’ve had an unparalleled amount of experience in the industry and on the show, so any advice from them means you’re learning from the very best.”


Deidre Hall (Marlena)

“My dear friend Bill Hayes, among his other fine qualities, is the keeper of the calm. The moment he strolls into the makeup room holding his leather script binder, he takes the time to warmly greet each and every person. Whether from the frenzied stage or a church pulpit, when Bill Hayes steps up, you know this moment is in good hands. He is a man of high integrity, great wisdom and deep compassion. And needless to say, he has great taste in women.”


He’s The Tops: Deidre Hall (Marlena) thinks the world of Hayes. 


Kristian Alfonso (Hope)

“Why does everyone love Bill? How could anyone possibly not love Bill? I am incredibly blessed, grateful, honored to know and work with someone so kind, giving, patient, talented and dedicated to his family and friends. From the first moment I walked on the DAYS stage back in 1983 as a very nervous teenager, he made feel welcomed and loved. He’s taught me so much over the years and continues to. I always enjoy hearing him talk about his family with love and pride; family is everything. When he walks into the makeup room in the morning, it’s always with a smile and a song as he makes his way down to where I’m having my makeup done for a good morning hug and kiss. To play his daughter on DAYS is truly an honor. Thank you, Bill, for letting the girl from Boston all those years ago lean on you. Love you! XO!”


Dad Tidings: Kristian Alfonso (Hope) considers it an honor to play Hayes’s daughter.


Executive Producer Ken Corday

“Happy birthday, Bill! I have known Bill for over 40 years, and he’s still as bright and shiny as he was 40 years ago. He’s perennially wonderful, and never, ever leaves anything in his dressing room. He’s a triple threat — he acts, he sings and he dances. He goes to work and gives it his all, and at 93, I would love to see him not only take the stage for another 10 years with DAYS OF OUR LIVES, but also receive his very own Emmy for his work on the show. Congratulations to Bill and Susan for receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award; nothing could be more well-deserved. Love you.”


Marci Miller (Abigail)

“He probably doesn’t even remember this, but during a group scene, I was sitting by myself (was still new to the show) and he left his group of people and came over to chat with me. He asked me if I had a fella and proceeded to ask questions about him, while sharing about his and Susan’s story. His heart serves a greater purpose than just entertainment. He really sees you and is genuinely interested. You leave his presence feeling like he cared about you.”


Eric Martsolf (Brady)

“If you don’t absolutely adore Bill Hayes, then there must be something wrong with you. The man exudes class and kindness, and the youth of today encompassing our industry of entertainment should look to him as an example of how to handle themselves. The man is an ageless rock star.”


Christopher Sean (Paul)

“I love Bill Hayes because he is the epitome of a gentleman. He even sang and tap-danced for us once when we asked how he was feeling. He’s amazing.”


Victoria Konefal (Ciara)

“Bill is the sweetest person alive, I’m convinced of it. His love and warmth inspire me to be a better person.”


Wally Kurth (Justin)

“Bill Hayes is a bright light. A smiling face. A cheering voice. He is from another era, yet totally current. He is the man.”


Light On: Wally Kurth (Justin) is a fan of the many facets of Hayes. 


Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas)

“Why do I love Bill Hayes? Let me count the ways … One, Bill Hayes is class personified. Two, dapper to the nines. Three, the voice of an angel who loves God. Four, a soul as deep as any ocean. Five, role model for me in life and acting.  Six, still rocks the best hair in daytime. Seven, a husband any wife would love to have, but made for only one! And we all know who that is. Eight, best person to go on a museum trip with in Washington D.C. Nine, we are the same height. And 10, he reminds me of my real grandfather, Ronald Gaston Harbour, who we lost when I was 3. These are just the top 10 reasons why I love Bill Hayes. There are many more….”


Star Power: (From l.) Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas), Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng and James Reynolds (Abe) have high praise for Hayes. 

Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng

“How can one not absolutely adore a man who is a movie star, TV star, famous singer, accomplished dancer, author, family man, half of a superstar couple (in real life and on-screen), a good neighbor, and grounded in faith? This ageless man who lights up any room (or airport lobby for that matter) when he enters … and who treats everyone as a friend … This is the person I want to be when I grow up!”


James Reynolds (Abe) 

“I have never been welcomed to a set by a more gracious person. I was one of those millions of young boys who wore a coonskin cap and sang ‘The Ballad of Davy Crockett’. I would never imagine that one day I would work with the wonderful man who sang that song and call him a friend. He embodies everything a professional actor should be: prepared, indefatigable, intelligent, giving and patient. With Bill it is easy to say that to know him is to love him.”



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