ICYMI Lexi Ainsworth and Haley Pullos Interview

"General Hospital" Set

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Soap Opera Digest: Let’s go back to the beginning. You started playing sisters in 2009.

Haley Pullos: Yeah, I think Lexi was there a month before me.

Lexi Ainsworth: I booked the show the same day I got my driver’s license. So we met when I was 16.

Digest: Do you remember what you thought of each other?

Ainsworth: We met at a photo shoot with Nancy [Lee Grahn, Alexis], right?

Pullos: Yes, that’s right! The pictures are so funny. I was so small! I was a baby!

Ainsworth: You really were.

Pullos: But to answer your question, my first impression of Lexi was that she was really cool. She was older and beautiful and I was like, “Oh, my gosh, I want to be just like her.”

Ainsworth: She’s so sweet. When I met Haley, I just thought she was the cutest thing ever. I’m the baby in my family and I’d always wanted to have younger siblings, so it was cool to have one as Kristina. I have to say, I love my family on the show. It’s like a real family.

Pullos: I love our family, too. It’s so wonderful.

Digest: What was your first meeting with Nancy like?

Ainsworth: She is so easy to get along with, and I remember her, like, trying to tickle us to make us laugh. Automatically, we just clicked, the three of us.

Pullos: I think so, too. We just had a deep connection from the get-go. The first time I ever spoke to Nancy, I was in hair and makeup and she came over to me and goes, “Hi, I think you’re my daughter.” Right away, she broke the ice and made it really comfortable for me.

Ainsworth: And she gives great hugs.

Pullos: Yeah, she really does.

Digest: Was anybody intimidating to you when you first started?

Pullos: I mean, I was 10 years old, so yeah, I was intimidated by everybody! But you know, I think the writing really helped us get along before we really knew each other; because we were so close on-screen, we just kind of became close off-screen and that closeness off-screen made our closeness on-screen even stronger. It was just a whole cycle of everything that really pulled us together, I think.

Ainsworth: I agree with that 100 percent.

Digest: What is your favorite Nancy story?

Ainsworth: She always loses her glasses.

Pullos: And they’re always right on top of her head!

Ainsworth: One time, she sat on them and they were broken, like, completely lopsided, but she needed to read her script, so she put them on anyway and she just looked really, really funny. They were completely misshaped.

Pullos: There are so many funny Nancy stories, but I have really enjoyed talking to her about the movie I recently did [Lifetime’s FROM STRAIGHT A’S TO XXX]. She really takes on a mom role, but she’s also being supportive, so she’s like, “Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe you — but also, congratulations! Go put on a shirt — but also, I’m so proud!”

Digest: And let’s not forget the other Davis girl, Kelly Monaco (Sam). What comes to mind when I mention her?

Ainsworth: With Kelly, we just have a really good banter. We joke around all the time when we’re on set.

Pullos: I love going out to lunch with Lexi and Kelly, just sitting and talking during our lunch break. It’s really nice.

Digest: Because of how well you had bonded, was it difficult for you, Haley, when Lexi left the show in 2011?

Pullos: Yeah, definitely. Lexi totally became my older sister, just from pretending to be my older sister, so when she wasn’t going to be on the show anymore, I was so sad. I was heartbroken. I didn’t want my sister to leave!

Ainsworth: It was really hard to say good-bye to her. Whenever you finish a project, you always say you’re going to keep in touch, but it’s really hard and I knew that I probably wasn’t going to see any of these people again for a long time, if ever. You spend five days a week, sometimes 12-hour days, with these people, and you have these emotional storylines, so you really connect with people. It was hard saying good-bye to that.

Digest: Did you stay in touch at all in the years Lexi was off the show?

Pullos: We actually ran into each other a few times at auditions. As I started getting older, Lexi and I started going out for some of the same roles because we kind of went into the same category. I would see her at auditions and be like, “Oh, my gosh, are you auditioning for the same role as me?”

Ainsworth: It was pretty funny.

Digest: Lexi came back in 2015. Do you remember your reaction to finding out, Haley?

Pullos: It started out as a rumor; people on Twitter were like, “Is Lexi coming back to GENERAL HOSPITAL?” I was like, “What? No way!” And then I found out that she actually was and I was so excited. We needed our whole Davis girl family back together! We were not complete without Kristina.

Digest: Lexi, what did it mean to you to know that your on-screen family was pretty much jumping up and down with joy?

Ainsworth: It was so exciting. I was a little nervous coming back, though, because I had been gone for four years. But walking down the hall, it was like nothing had changed. It was a nice feeling.

Digest: When you returned, you had to face a day that you knew was coming: Haley eclipsed you in height [they laugh].

Pullos: I’m 5-ft.-2, Lexi is 5 feet and Kelly is 5 feet or 5-1. I might be the baby, but I am somehow the tallest! I must get my height from Nancy. People always tweet me saying, “You’re so tall!” and I’m like, “I’m really not!”

Ainsworth: They always put us in heels.

Pullos: And I’m always in flats!

Digest: Do any scenes that you’ve shared jump out at you as favorites?

Ainsworth: The wedding scenes were a lot of fun, when Julian and Alexis got married.

Pullos: Yeah, that was really fun.

Ainsworth: I love any type of event where we get almost the entire cast together, because in between takes, it’s —

Pullos: It’s wild!

Ainsworth: It’s like a party up there.

Pullos: It’s so fun.

Ainsworth: Kirsten [Storms, Maxie] always brings games.

Pullos: And coloring books.

Ainsworth: And snacks. Anything, you name it. People are telling jokes. It’s always a party when we get as many people together as

Pullos: We also had fun at the “JaSam” wedding. We didn’t really say a lot, but we were having a great time!

Digest: During the scenes like the ones at the “JaSam” wedding where Molly and Kristina were kind of goofing off in the background, what are you guys doing?

Pullos: While the cameras are rolling? We’re totally just talking about our own thing. We’re probably like, “Oh, my gosh, I saw this dress the other day….”

Ainsworth: Yeah, just talking about the same kind of stuff we’d talk about off-screen.

Pullos: Today, we were talking about boys.

Ainsworth: We always, always talk about boys.

Pullos: Always.

Ainsworth: Whoever we’re dating, whoever we’re interested in. Yeah.

Digest: So, while the two of you are sitting around at work talking about your crushes, Molly’s boyfriend, TJ, is mostly MIA, and Kristina is down a couple of love interests. Your thoughts?

Ainsworth: She went from two to zero! I think a lot of people are wondering what direction Kristina is going to go, because it still hasn’t really been resolved. She’s sexually fluid, so she could end up with a guy or she could end up with a girl, but right now, she’s focusing on herself. I’m assuming that maybe in the summer, they’ll do something with a relationship. I don’t know, though. Kristina is taking a break from guys and girls.

Pullos (laughs): I would love to see more of TJ and Molly. I love “Tolly”! I absolutely love having scenes with Tequan [Richmond, TJ]. He is one of my favorite people. I actually hang out with him a lot off set now. I would love to have more scenes with him and I think the viewers want that, too.

Digest: What would be your dream storyline for the Davis girls?

Ainsworth: I think we should go on a family vacation.

Pullos: I was just thinking that!

Ainsworth: Growing up, family road trips were always the best, but also the funniest, and so much can go wrong — flat tires, running out of gas, my sister and I would always fight. Really, I would just like to do a location shoot, like on the beach.

Pullos: Yeah! Maybe we can go to Cabo. Hint, hint!

Digest: Before we wrap up, let me get your review of the newest Davis girl, little Scout.

Pullos: So beautiful.

Ainsworth: Oh, my God, yes! We haven’t had a baby in the family for a few years. Molly and Kristina are both really excited for Sam.

Pullos: The twins that play baby Scout, they are just —

Ainsworth: Tiny!

Pullos: Yes, they are so small and so cute. We love our Davis girls, we love adding more Davis girls and we love our newest Davis girl. We’re just stoked all across the board!

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