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Kevin Schmidt is one busy dude. When he’s not acting, writing, producing and directing, he’s focusing on making a difference in the world. The multitasker is introducing a line of natural skin care products, is the founder and CEO of Creative Organic Ventures, a company focused on sustainable food production, and sits on the board of SchoolGrown, which builds and operates aquaponic greenhouses for schools and communities. “I’m an artist to the core but I’ve had a lot of great mentors in my life who encouraged me to really look at the big picture,” he explains. “I want to do more for this planet than just acting.”

Although he started out in show biz at a young age (most notably as Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt’s on-screen son in Cheaper by the Dozen), Schmidt notes that he came into his own playing Nick and Sharon’s firstborn on Y&R. “I learned to trust myself,” he reflects. “You have to make as confident a choice as you can in a moment because you can’t waste time. You have to practice surrendering and letting go. That was the most wonderful thing that the soap really instilled in me. And obviously, being able to work with all these brilliant people. That’s a wonderful, creative environment.”

Schmidt, who was last seen in Genoa City in 2012, is happy that his one-time alter ego, Noah, is still in town, and he knows Robert Adamson, who is currently playing him. “We did PRINCESS PROTECTION PROGRAM together, a Disney Channel movie,” says Schmidt. “So, it was ironic that he ended up taking over the role of Noah but when that happens, you really can’t ask for anybody other than a friend or someone you collaborated with and respect to take over something that you felt really great about. So, I hope that everybody’s loving what he’s doing because he’s a really great guy.”


Since leaving the soap, Schmidt has filled his resumé with more TV and film gigs. One of his big-screen efforts, American Wrestler: The Wizard, is set for release this year. “Every once in a while, you end up on an indie that turns out really great, and this is one of those,” he enthuses. “I got a chance to work with Jon Voight, which is really cool. I also worked with Bill Fichtner [ex-Josh, AS THE WORLD TURNS], who is such a good guy. Even talking about him right now makes me smile.”

Another movie that is currently in post-production is close to Schmidt’s heart. “Randy’s Canvas was my first feature film that I wrote and produced,” he shares. “It’s something I’ve been dreaming about since I was a little kid. It’s a film with a mission. Our lead character is a young artist who has autism, and we essentially followed him on this kind of coming-of-age story, where he learns a lot about popular things that we all go through, except we’re seeing it through his eyes. Our goal is to bring a lot of attention toward not only this film, but autism awareness, as well.”

When he’s not out making movies or deals, Schmidt kicks back at home with his younger brother, Kendall (of BIG TIME RUSH fame), who is an actor and musician. “I would call our place ordered chaos, the order is me and the chaos would be Kendall,” he chuckles. “Kendall’s a gypsy. He lives on the road and when he comes home, it’s not just his clothes but all the gear, too. There’ll be a soundboard, three guitars and two explosions of suitcases everywhere. A week later it’s still there and I just start slowly pushing it toward his side of the house. I think Kendall’s in Monterey, Mexico, right now — or maybe on his way back, I don’t know, but we have a very creative house. Kendall is making music and I’m working on projects, so it’s a lot of fun.”

With so many irons in the fire, Schmidt would still consider a return to daytime. “The whole reason I started acting was to tell stories and move people,” he says. “So if it’s a great commercial or a movie or a soap and they want me to sink my teeth into something that’s current and relevant, I’m totally open to it.”

Bee Smart


Schmidt has partnered with brother Kendall, Carlos PenaVega (BIG TIME RUSH) and his wife, Alexa PenaVega (Spy Kids, both r.), to create HapBee, an organic lifestyle brand. The first rollout features a face kit that includes a bar combining zinc and other soothing ingredients, a honey-sugar scrub and a jelly that is a moisturizer/healing balm formulated with bee propolis and honey. (Each product can also be purchased separately.) “We use the most sustainable, raw ingredients we can find,” Schmidt details. “Natural and organic has been an expensive commodity to get your hands on but we want to provide absolute highest quality products for the most affordable price.”

Schmidt got into the new business venture via an ex. “I was dating a girl and I helped her launch a mineral makeup company, but I saw in a lot of the products that we use, everything from makeup to skin care to shampoo and everything else in between, that they’re less than good for you. There’s a lot of toxic stuff in them. I was really heavy growing up, so for me, my education in products came as a result of my education in food. Once I learned about cleaner food, it led me toward cleaner products, and I recognized that there was a real lack of information. Alexa and Carlos are both parents now, so the consciousness about being really careful about what’s on their bodies and in their bodies has only been magnified.”

The Hapbee founders have big plans. “The goal is to expand into really any product used on a regular basis, from coffee to dog food,” Schmidt declares. “We’re looking at everything.”

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Just The Facts


August 16
Born In: Andover, KS
Middle Name: Gerard
Special Ks: He has an older brother, Kenneth, and a younger brother, Kendall.
About Turning 30 Next Year: “I feel like after 21, everything started going super-fast but
I’m not having an existential crisis — yet.”
Relationship Status: Single “and not dating anyone in particular.”
Pet Patrol: A 14-year-old Boston terrier named Sissy (“She’s almost blind at this point, so we cater to her a lot, but she is just the most wonderful, loving thing ever”), an African Leopard tortoise (“Her name is Oscar because we thought she was a boy at first”), and Yuma the pig (“She’s totally ornery  and very sassy. She’s like having a roommate that doesn’t pay rent”).
Chef Tell: With the 15 pounds of tomatoes in his garden, “I made legit tomato sauce from scratch and we had spaghetti for Christmas.”