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Herbst, Vaughan Are 3rd Time Lucky

Soap Opera Weekly: Were you nervous when you tested for Lucky?
Greg Vaughan: I was a little bit intimidated. I knew about the character, the foundation of the story. I knew it was a difficult task that I was about to take on.
Rebecca Herbst: Was I nice to you?
Vaughan: Yes, you were great.

Weekly: What do you remember about Greg?
Herbst: Nothing…?
Vaughan: Great first impression, huh (laughs)? First impressions last forever. Maybe she didn’t want to get attached until she found out who Lucky was going to be?

Weekly: Who knows their lines better?
Vaughan: Hands-down, Becky. She is so prepared because she doesn’t go to sleep until 1:30 in the morning.
Herbst: I go to bed late every night. I have to memorize my lines the night before.

Weekly: Liz and Lucky were always played younger, but now she’s a mom with a kid. What’s that like?
Vaughan: I see the mother in her. As soon as the baby that plays Cameron is on set, she scoops him up like it’s her own. They have an incredible bond.
Herbst: He’s my third Cameron.
Vaughan: Being able to play with a child like that is just so easy for her, because of where she is with her own family.
Herbst: And having Cameron adds another layer, more depth, to Elizabeth.

Weekly: Are you relaxed working with a baby?
Vaughan: Oh, I love that kid.
Herbst: Greg is really great with kids.
Vaughan: I’m jealous. I want to hold him (laughs).
Herbst: He’s very good with him. I am not as relaxed with him because I want him to be happy. I don’t want him to be upset. As soon as that baby starts to cry, it’s terrible. I physically hurt.

Weekly: Do you enjoy playing Liz and Lucky’s adult relationship?
Herbst: He doesn’t know it any other way.
Vaughan: I identify more with the older version of Lucky than the youthful version. They’re more set in their ways now. But that’s pretty much the only way I know them since they’ve been reunited, taking him on as somebody who has an occupation, going through the financial struggles of an adult, taking care of a child and significant other that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Weekly: What would people be surprised to know about you?
Vaughan: I try to go up and know my material and be as prepared as can be. I’m very serious. I’m a perfectionist. Any time they give us good material I work really hard to do it. I don’t play around. I’m not too much of a goofball.
Herbst: People don’t realize how often I’m talking to a doll. If, for whatever reason, [the child] is not cooperating, [they] take a shot of the baby then take him downstairs or off set, and I do all my dialogue to a doll. It’s hard.
Vaughan: I don’t have to look into a doll’s face.
Herbst: It was worse when Cameron was little. Now he’s bigger, and little Ashwyn [Bagga, Cameron] is a delight.